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Swedish journalist Caroline Salzinger (sv) described her visit to the department store as a tourist: Upon arrival, the store was closed. One of the tour guides accompanying her tried to distract her, while the other one rushed in to get the doors opened. When opened, the guide had to scramble passers-by to occupy the store as "shoppers". The moment they step in, the escalator is started. The shoppers appear clueless as to how to act in a department store. When after great pains Salzinger managed to purchase the goods she wanted, the cashier is confused and will not hand her a plastic bag for her items: "We look at each other in the eyes. She knows that something is wrong, and that not everything is like it should, but she does not know what it is." According to Salzinger, a Western diplomat monitored the department store for one hour and saw no one come out with purchased items.
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