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Slovakian agency running Wagtail, specialising in Shopify
wagtailsite  wagtail  resource  agency  shopify 
3 days ago by tomd
OrderLogic - Simple Min and Max Order Limits – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store
OrderLogic also lets you sell your items in predetermined quantity multiples. Selling a prepackaged set of 6? No problem! We have you covered.
5 days ago by sh
9 Examples of How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell - Ecommerce Copywriting
It’s an easy mistake. Even professional copywriters make it sometimes: writing product descriptions that simply describe your products.

Why is it wrong? Because product descriptions need to sell your products.

Let’s have a look at nine simple ways to persuade your web visitors with product descriptions that sell.
writing  description  copywriting  eCommerce  shopify  tips 
5 days ago by gwippich
Guaranteed Fraud Protection for Ecommerce | Signifyd
will pay for fraudalent chargebacks if they happen
10 days ago by sh

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