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Easter murder suspect TImothy Wyatt of Atlanta killed by Tampa police in gunfight
Man who recently left jail kills girlfriend and the children are expected to recover
great  great!  fatal  shootout  murder  police  chase  jail  prison 
april 2018 by gorillaBraun
The Amazing $1 Microcontroller @ Jay Carlson
A new series that explores 21 different microcontrollers — all less than $1 — to help familiarize you with all the major ecosystems out there. "As an embedded design consultant, the diverse collection of projects on my desk need an equally-diverse collection of microcontroller architectures that have the performance, peripheral selection, and power numbers to be the backbone of successful projects. I wanted to take a quick pulse of the industry to see where everything is — and what I’ve been missing while backed into my corner of DigiKey’s web site.It’s time for a good ol’ microcontroller shoot-out."
embedded  microcontroller  hardware  electronics  review  iot  internetofthings  shootout 
november 2017 by cyberchucktx
Q4 2016 NextGen Apps Developments & Trends Shootout - by @holgermu
It can't get much better for AWS - with two events sparring with each other. And while the AWS and VMware partnership could be the latter vendor's 'last hurray' in regards of vitalization, it also shows the market influence AWS has by now (read here). But nothing showed that more than AWS reInvent. AWS is not slowing down and the conference has become the IT world get together, replacing VMworld (minus the hardware vendors) read here. "
aws  cloudfoundry  constellation  research  google  holger  mueler  ibm  mapr  microsoft  nextgen  apps  salesforce  sap  shootout 
december 2016 by jonerp
Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge: A Concise Shootout
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge seem to be the most popular browsers in the market right now. In terms of speed and power, you can’t really beat these 2 browsers. Should you stick to Microsoft Edge, that’s found in all Windows 10 devices nowadays, or should you download Chrome, that everyone else seems to be...

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The post Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge: A Concise Shootout appeared first on VR-Zone.
Google  Chrome  vs  Microsoft  Edge:  A  Concise  Shootout 
november 2016 by vrzone
The cool thing about hanging out with before the is himself.…
shootout  gpp2016  from twitter_favs
february 2016 by alpower
360 Cameras | PC Development | Oculus VR Forums
A forum to discuss development for the Oculus Rift.
vr  360  camera  thread  shootout  list 
january 2016 by starpause

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