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10 Line Producer Tips That Will Get You On Time and Under Budget
Excellent detail about #line #producer role on #film #shoots - role and function - How to do it right (and wrong ;^)
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12 days ago by csrollyson
Federal Judge Appoints Outside Attorney to Examine Oakland Police Shooting | KQED News
In an unusual decision today, U.S. District Judge William Orrick appointed Edward Swanson, an independent attorney, to re-examine an officer-involved shooting of a homeless man in Oakland last year.

The judge's order indicates that there could be differences ofopinion between the Oakland Police Department and its court-appointed monitor regarding whether or not police officers involved in the shooting violated department policies or the law, and whether any of them should face discipline.

The department has yet to disclose what its final findings are.

On March 11 of last year, Joshua Pawlik, 31, was lying on the ground between two houses in West Oakland when a police officer spotted him. Pawlik was reportedly unconscious and holding a pistol. Several officers surrounded Pawlik and took cover behind an armored vehicle.

When Pawlik woke up, officers repeatedly shouted commands to drop the gun. According to body-camera video released by the OPD eight months after the shooting, Pawlik attempted to lift himself off the ground when four officers opened fire, killing him.
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7 weeks ago by Quercki
Ohio officer shoots K9 partner Benzi after attack | The Sacramento Bee
Dog being trained seriously bites his training officer. Officer required surgery. Dog was euthanized.

If a dog being trained can do this, why should the public trust police dogs to exhibit good behavior on the job.

How many suspects (aka men who are innocent until proved guilty) have been severely bitten on their genitalia by police dogs, possibly leading to difficulties with urination, or sexual function, not to mention disfigurement. Part of the problem is that biting the groin area is pretty normal behavior for a dog -- it makes "sense" to them, as they instinctively know where to bite to cripple prey -- femoral arteries and such.
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september 2018 by brentfarwick

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