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Solovair Shoes and Boots
Original/better Doc Martens/ Martins
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2 days ago by tylerham
Sled Dogs Snowskates Offical Website
I remember seeing a Sled Dogs commercial on late night TV in the late 90s. I always thought they were a cool idea, but never saw them take off. The other day, I saw a Mashable post on Instagram about a product called SnowFeet ( which seemed a lot like Sled Dogs.
Seems the difference is SnowFeet are clip ons that go over your shoes, while Sled Dogs are whole separate "ski boots" that include the mini ski.
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6 days ago by daguti
Classic Walk / Lunge Manufaktur
Classic Walk is a versatile comfort shoe that covers any use case.
6 days ago by nelag
Merrell Trail Glove Failures and Minimal Running in a Communist Shoe – @blatanterror
’d love to see someone make a business out of importing  布鞋 and selling them for $10/pair.
7 days ago by mcantelon

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