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a ghost of wind through the grass
Fingers push through his hair, tugging, and he's short of breath when he pulls away to look at her, his eyes glazed.

"Hey," she says, glancing at his mouth, "want to eat me out?"
*TeenWolf  Pairing:ScottAllison  Character:ScottMcCall  Character:AllisonArgent  Ships:Het  smut  Status:Oneshot  Author:summerstorm 
january 2014 by queenitsy
Daisy Chain
There’s never a dull moment and where one of them ends, the other begins. It’s like they’re a daisy chain, three rings interlocked in a lovely circle of back and forth and give and take.
*TeenWolf  Pairing:ScottAllisonStiles  Character:AllisonArgent  Character:ScottMcCall  Character:StilesStilinski  Ships:Het  Ships:Threesome  smut  Status:Oneshot  Author:orbiting_saturn 
may 2013 by queenitsy
taste the bitterness and the faint sweet behind it
He feels Allison's teeth graze his hipbone just before she stops, her fingers curling around the elastic of his briefs as she looks up.
*TeenWolf  Pairing:ScottAllison  Character:ScottMcCall  Character:AllisonArgent  Ships:Het  smut  Status:Oneshot  Author:summerstorm 
april 2013 by queenitsy
Come Home
She blew her bangs back, looking sheepish. "Um. Will...said it's okay? I guess I should have said that first."

"Yeah," he agreed, "that might have been good. Also? Warning me you were about to attack me with your lips would have been nice."
*SkyHigh  Pairing:WillWarrenLayla  Pairing:WarrenLayla  Character:WarrenPeace  Character:LaylaWilliams  Character:WillStronghold  Ships:Het  Status:Oneshot  Author:billtheradish 
february 2013 by queenitsy
An Algorithm for Mistakes
Lydia has a plan: attend college, study the biological makeup of werewolves, win prizes, and wear amazing shoes. She does not expect to make friends with Stiles. Or flirt with Stiles. Or accidentally start a pack war with Stiles. Whatever. The point is, Lydia has a plan.
*TeenWolf  Pairing:LydiaStiles  Character:LydiaMartin  Character:StilesStilinski  Character:DerekHale  Ships:Het  Status:Complete  Author:anon 
november 2012 by queenitsy
The Care and Feeding Of A Kanima
A ritual, they called it. Jackson doesn't really understand how it worked, just that this was his independence day. It didn't get rid of the kanima, or complete the transformation to werewolf, but it was an end to his being under somebody else's thumb. The kanima still craves a master, though. To keep control, Jackson has learned, occasionally he has to give up control.
*TeenWolf  Ships:Slash  Ships:Het  Pairing:DerekJackson  Pairing:TWPackOrgy  TW:DubCon  smut  Status:Oneshot  Author:Lenore 
november 2012 by queenitsy
With A Little Help From My Friends
Ten years after Big Time Rush break up, Carlos runs into Katie run into each other in LA. James and Camille are are expecting their second child. Logan is doing his med-school residency and wishes Carlos and James would stop trying to set him up with dudes they know, he doesn't want a dumb Hollywood boyfriend (seriously, worst. friends. ever. except, you know, not at all). Kendall didn't take the end of BTR well. He stormed off and has been avoiding them since. But that gets increasingly hard to do when every gossip rag is all over how Carlos is dating his little sister.
*BigTimeRush  Pairing:KatieCarlos  Character:CarlosGarcia  Character:KatieKnight  Character:KendallKnight  Character:LoganMitchell  Character:JamesDiamond  Character:Camille  Pairing:JamesCamille  Ships:Het  Status:Oneshot  Author:frogy 
september 2012 by queenitsy
Of Lace and Werewolves
It all starts when Lydia buys the panties for him. Things go downhill from there.

(Lydia/Jackson/Stiles threesome; some background unrequited Sterek and Derek/Jackson)
*TeenWolf  Character:JacksonWhittemore  Character:StilesStilinski  Character:LydiaMartin  Character:DerekHale  Pairing:JacksonLydia  Pairing:JacksonStiles  Pairing:JacksonStilesLydia  Ships:Slash  Ships:Het  Status:Oneshot  smut  smut(threesome)  Author:Mandibles 
august 2012 by queenitsy
The Strong Scent of Evergreen
Derek and Stiles start something new. "I am, you know," she whispers against his mouth, and he tilts his head in question. "Yours."

(always-a-girl!Stiles fic.)
*TeenWolf  au  Pairing:DerekStiles  Character:DerekHale  Character:StilesStilinski  Character:ScottMcCall  Character:LydiaMartin  Character:AllisonArgent  Ships:Het  Status:Complete  Author:rubykatewriting 
july 2012 by queenitsy
Both Sides Now
James Diamond simply didn’t do feelings. He just didn’t. Which was why it was so ironic that he just had to fall for his best friend’s not-so-girlfriend.
*BigTimeRush  Pairing:JamesCamille  Ships:Het  Character:JamesDiamond  Character:Camille  Character:LoganMitchell  Status:Oneshot  author:feverromance 
april 2012 by queenitsy
Second Best
Some people have big breaks handed to them. Others have to wait a little longer.
*BigTimeRush  Ships:Het  Character:Camille  Character:JamesDiamond  Pairing:JamesCamille  Status:Oneshot  Author:PoisonIvory 
february 2012 by queenitsy
Underneath Her Clothes
The next step is Camille leaning back into his hand, turning to whisper in his ear. What she says doesn't normally matter. It's all a well practiced routine for the paparazzi. Except this time, Camille says, "I'm not wearing any underwear."
*BigTimeRush  Ships:Het  Pairing:JamesCamille  Character:JamesDiamond  Character:Camille  smut  Status:Oneshot  Author:frogy 
november 2011 by queenitsy
Dak Zevon's Guide to Fake Dating in Hollywood
When a seemingly compromising photograph makes James and Camille household names overnight, they decide to run with it. But can they keep their fake relationship strictly professional when James is so darn pretty?
*BigTimeRush  Ships:Het  Status:Complete  Character:JamesDiamond  Character:Camille  Character:KendallKnight  Character:LoganMitchell  Character:CarlosGarcia  Character:DakZevon  Pairing:JamesCamille  Author:PoisonIvory 
october 2011 by queenitsy
Big Time Questions
The boys' big plans to hang out with the girls for the weekend are interrupted when they have to participate in Pop Tiger's Fifteen Questions column. Episodic-style.
*BigTimeRush  Character:KendallKnight  Character:JamesDiamond  Character:LoganMitchell  Character:CarlosGarcia  Character:Camille  Character:JoTaylor  Pairing:KendallJo  Pairing:JamesCamille  Ships:Het  Ships:Slash  Status:Oneshot  Author:frogy 
october 2011 by queenitsy
There's a Sun Coming Over the Horizon
James and Camille are the leads in their university's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Which involves a lot of kissing. Through which James hopes will prove to Camille that he's of perfect kissing and boyfriend material.
au  Pairing:JamesCamille  Character:JamesDiamond  Character:Camille  *BigTimeRush  Author:jellytea  Status:Oneshot  Ships:Het 
september 2011 by queenitsy

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