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The Secret Language of Ships | Hakai Magazine
Not many people have an opportunity to get this close to a container ship. Those who do may see icons that impart important information. For example, those black brackets to the right of the company name indicate where the tugboat is supposed to push.
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4 days ago by sspela
The Secret Language of Ships | Hakai Magazine
"Tugboat crews routinely encounter what few of us will ever see. They easily read a vessel’s size, shape, function, and features, while deciphering at a glance the mysterious numbers, letters, and symbols on a ship’s hull. To non-mariners, the markings look like hieroglyphs. For those in the know, they speak volumes about a particular ship and also about the shipping industry."
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4 days ago by davewsmith
That’s Rotten! Why Gun Crews In The Age Of Wooden Ships Aimed Low
I was reading an discussion of wood rot in boats and trees by Richard Jagels, professor emeritus of forest biology at the University of Maine. He offers a much more precise explanation: On wooden ships, the weakest point on the hull is right along the waterline, because that’s where the most rot occurs.
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21 days ago by atbradley
decodes AIS messages transmitted by vessels , ships, over radio using a cheap USB DVB-T /RTL-SDR stick
Android  app  -  decodes  AIS  messages  from  ships  USB  DVB-T  /RTL-SDR 
7 weeks ago by kilroy2
TOUR OF NS SAVANNAH, the world's first nuclear-powered merchant ship.
Savannah is presently located in the Port of Baltimore, Maryland, under a long-term lay berth contract with Canton Marine Terminals. The U.S. Maritime Administration Savannah Technical Staff of the Office of Ship Disposal manages the activities onboard the ship, with strong emphasis on licensed facility operations and pre-decommissioning planning. The Maritime Administration intends to maintain Savannah in protective storage for some years into the future; however, under current law and regulation the decommissioning process must be completed and Savannah's operating license terminated no later than December 2031. In the normal course of NRC regulation decommissioning would include the complete dismantling of the reactor. The historic ship community would like to see an exception made to allow for cleaning, then preservation of Savannah's historic nuclear reactor aboard ship.

We hope this online tour will provide you with a glimpse of what life was like for the passengers and sailors aboard this remarkable vessel. It will also enable you visit many spaces that have never been opened to the public because of the vertical ladders, confined space and radiological controls.

Although not open for visiting on a regular schedule at this time, the Savannah Technical Staff schedule periodic tours provided that these can be accommodated without interference to normal ship's business. For more information about touring the ship, please send an e-mail to: and include "Tour Request" in the subject line.
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8 weeks ago by NightOwlCity

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