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Great dashboard example from RStudio's shiny contest
R  shiny  shinyexample  shinydashboard 
6 days ago by eric-ruser
rikschennink/shiny: 🌟 Shiny reflections for mobile websites
🌟 Shiny reflections for mobile websites. Contribute to rikschennink/shiny development by creating an account on GitHub.
javascript  reflection  shiny  mobile 
8 days ago by oppara
R Shiny App on Desktop - shiny - RStudio Community
Hi everyone,
I am wanting to make a secure Shiny app, but have it run on a desktop. I'm not a technology genius and want to do things as simple as possible. Does anyone know how to do this securely and at a very low co…
R  shiny  electron 
10 days ago by eric-ruser
dirkschumacher/r-shiny-electron: WIP: Electron and R shiny
WIP: Electron and R shiny. Contribute to dirkschumacher/r-shiny-electron development by creating an account on GitHub.
R  shiny  electron 
10 days ago by eric-ruser
Collection of apps using rinterface theming packages
R  shiny  shinyexample 
11 days ago by eric-ruser

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