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Shinntype: Naiad
From the site: “A neoclassical fancy. [Nick Shinn’s] Naiad is based on the premise that the cap swashes in an italic didone face might be rigorously executed — monolinear in thickness (the width of its hairlines) and tightly and evenly wound. To complete the effect, every glyph except “l” has at least one swash, in the lower case discreetly integrated into its structure. The font also contains several optional flourishes and ornaments.”
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june 2013 by splorp
News: “Hard and fast categorization is anathema to creative typography”
The FontFont crew interview Nick Shinn — type design expert, founder of ShinnType and creator of FF Fontesque, FF Merlin and FF Oneleigh on pushing the possibilities of type design and unlocking the delights of OpenType.
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june 2012 by splorp
Shinntype: Parity
From the site: “There is no bicameral Parity. It has been designed from scratch to be an exceptional unicase typeface, uncompromised by the priorities of mixed case or all cap setting. Each glyph is shaped, proportioned and detailed for one purpose only - to optimize text set in the lining unicase format.”
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december 2011 by splorp
Nick Shinn: Checker
From the site: “Checker is an all-cap ‘three-D’ font which automatically alternates white letters on black tiles with black letters on white tiles, by means of the Contextual Alternates feature. With its tiled construction, it’s a natural for colorful interpretation. The letters are properly italicized and back-slanted, and adjusted for maximum readability within the constraints of the font’s concept. The letter style is bold grotesque, so Checker will mix smoothly with any other fonts in a layout.”
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april 2011 by splorp
Bodoni Egyptian Pro™
Beneath the dominant signifier of identity, a surprising dimension of Bodoni is revealed—its core architecture, stripped of the famous high contrast cloak. Further subverting typographic norms, a monoline of even width (in all but the heaviest weights) here describes capitals, lower case, and serifs. And yet a certain quaintness is evident; this is, after all, both deconstruction and historical fiction.
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january 2011 by frebro
FontShop: FF Fontesque Display
From Typophile: “The FF Fontesque OpenType upgrade presents an interpretation of the typeface that is more sophisticated than the original grunge-era rendering, with the addition of finely-detailed display cuts, increased language support, and many OpenType features — most notably a pseudo-random effect.”

From FontShop: “Included in FontFont Release #54 is the newly revised FF Fontesque Display. This new OpenType feature-laden version of FF Fontesque includes alternate glyphs for nearly every character in the typeface, including Central European characters (found in the Pro version). Designer Nick Shinn has also released a user guide/specimen PDF, detailing the family’s specifics.”
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january 2011 by splorp
ShinnType: Bodoni Egyptian Pro
“Long before Archer, there was Bodoni Egyptian. Always liked the lights. Now there’s a Pro with better heavy weights.” — @typographica
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december 2010 by splorp

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