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Concerning plants and sunlight - tepidspongebath - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Hot hot tentacle fic involving a sentient plant which is really rather sweet, as a character.
sherlock  sherlock/john  kink:tentacles  rating:e  sherlockholmes 
8 days ago by tei
Gathering the Honey by what_alchemy
Hope bears Sherlock to John's door, twenty-five years after the fall.
fic  sherlock  bbcsherlock  sherlock/john  canondivergence  author:what_alchemy  lovely 
23 days ago by ashtree22
House Rules - nishizono - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A sweet get-together fic with some rules, a little light punishment, etc.
sherlockholmes  sherlock  rating:e 
24 days ago by tei
Treasure Me - cellard00rs - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Mash-Up/AU! Johnbo Watson has trespassed in Smauglock’s lair one too many times…
sherlock  sherlock/john  rating:e  sherlockholmes  au:dragon 
4 weeks ago by tei
Star Trek/Sherlock - With Careful Hands, by Laura JV Sherlock/John
Fusion fic. One of them is a Vulcan, and I really didn’t expect it to be John, but it is. Hurt/Comfort, gender ideas, people dying, mental bonds. Well done.
startrek  sherlock  john/sherlock  sherlock/john  length:15k-50k 
5 weeks ago by northern
"You see, but you do not observe..." John Barrymore as Holmes (1922).
Sherlock  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by sogrady
fic_promptly | Thursday: 5 Times
BBC Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, 5 times they almost kissed (and the first time they did)
2018/07  Sherlock  Lonely 
6 weeks ago by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Monday: Crossovers
Sherlock (BBC)/due South, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski + Sherlock +or/ John Watson, Sherlock is called in by the Mounties to consult on a case
2018/07  Sherlock  DueSouth  Lonely  Crossover 
6 weeks ago by fic_promptly
Regency Spy Marrieds by rageprufrock
So I found this in the back channels of my gmail account, where Past Pru apparently started writing a Regency era genderfuck Mycroft/Lestrade marriage of convenience spy romance. I -- what? I have nothing. For everyone who read Least of All Possible Mistakes and wished there was more Regency era marriage of convenience spy romance.
Fic  Sherlock  Het  Mycroft/Lastrade  AU  Historical_AU  Harlequin  WIP  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Dec2018  Rec 
6 weeks ago by paraka
How to Build a Heart out of Ashes - Teumessian - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In an AU where a small number of the population become Changelings at a young age, at 17 John Watson believes he's destined for Normal life but then the Change takes him and he is sent to the Baker Institute. There he meets Sherlock Holmes.
sherlock  sherlock/john 
6 weeks ago by babywolf7884
episode one: a study in shades of purple - blackranger (robpatFF) - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon--when will you call me Joonie like everyone else, honestly Yoongi--warms Yoongi's hands up. He smiles a little, the one that's like pressing a button to see the dimple in his cheek. He says, "I figured after all this time you would consider me a friend. Dumbass."

And, oh. Yoongi feels his cheeks warm at the soft, annoyed fondness in Namjoon's voice. "Oh," he says. "I didn't think that was allowed."

"What?" Namjoon says. "You're not allowed to have friends? Sounds like a pretty shitty recovery to me, sweetheart."

"God, do you ever shut up?" Yoongi groans, but the warmth from his hands and the warmth from Namjoon's voice and the warmth from the gentle but firm friend settles in the pit of Yoongi's stomach like liquid gold. "Fine," he says, and swears, swears, swears, he doesn't give a fuck about the smile Namjoon gives him. "Tell me about this guy you want me to live with."
fic  bts  au  taegi  sherlock 
7 weeks ago by melodiousb
Katydid - songlin - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Vampire omega verse, kinda? Featuring a mythology where vampires and humans are SUPPOSED to mate for life, because, duh.
sherlock/john  sherlock  sherlockholmes  rating:e  au:vampire 
7 weeks ago by tei
Smoke - esama - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
For Mycroft, the most jarring thing about V-day isn’t that it happened. It’s that he did not see it coming.

+ takes the v-day fallout further than most, and eggsy ends up as arthur in this.
fic  crossover  sherlock  mycroft/eggsy  kingsman  bamf!character  kink  favorite  via:exclamations 
7 weeks ago by talitha78
Smoke - esama - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
For Mycroft, the most jarring thing about V-day isn’t that it happened. It’s that he did not see it coming.

+ takes the v-day fallout further than most, and eggsy ends up as arthur in this.
fic  crossover  sherlock  mycroft/eggsy  kingsman  bamf!character  kink  favorite 
7 weeks ago by exclamations
The Anatomist - Chapter 1 - rosa_acicularis - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When they are children, Moriarty is a game. A story they tell only to each other, in whispers. Jim and Molly Moriarty, from the beginning.
fic  gen  sherlock  recs  guh!!!  hfw!!  dark 
7 weeks ago by clickswing

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