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Git quick statistics :chart_with_upwards_trend: | Lukáš Mešťan
Software engineer with a background in full-stack Web development & Open Source Enthusiast.
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22 minutes ago by speckz
Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell
"Nick strongly believes that it is insufficient to drive supply chain improvement through incrementalism. His take? It is just not enough to do a software upgrade or slowly push continuous improvement projects. He has personally experienced the results from this type of incrementality and believes that the greatest success happens by challenging existing paradigms. Nick does this well."
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17 hours ago by jonerp
fish shell
fish is a smart and user-friendly command line
shell for macOS, Linux, and the rest of the family.
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19 hours ago by xcession
More shell, less egg - All this
A wise engineering solution would produce—or better, exploit—reusable parts.

Very few people can obtain the virtuoso services of Knuth (or afford the equivalent person-weeks of lesser personnel) to attack nonce problems such as Bentley’s from the ground up. But old UNIX hands know instinctively how to solve this one in a jiffy.

To return to Knuth’s paper: Everything there—even input conversion and sorting—is programmed monolithically and from scratch. In particular the isolation of words, the handling of punctuation, and the treatment of case distinctions are built in. Even if data-filtering programs for these exact purposes were not at hand, these operations would well be implemented separately: for separation of concerns, for easier development, for piecewise debugging, and for potential reuse.

The simple pipeline given above will suffice to get answers right now, not next week or next month. It could well be enough to finish the job. But even for a production project, say for the Library of Congress, it would make a handsome down payment, useful for testing the value of the answers and for smoking out follow-on questions.
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21 hours ago by bbrown
Speed Test: Check the Existence of a Command in Bash and Zsh - Top Bug Net
Zsh  Shell 
yesterday by umeruma
Buffers and windows: The mystery of ‘ssh’ and ‘while read’ in excessive detail – Vidar’s Blog
I was so confused the first time I accidentally had ssh swallow stdin I intended for a while loop. Holen gives a great explanation of exactly why it happens.
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yesterday by torbiak
Library Carpentry
is a global community teaching software and data skills to people working in library- and information-related roles.
yesterday by nfultz

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