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a collection of useful unix commands/scripts/etc
a collection of useful unix commands/scripts/etc
shell  dotfiles  cheatsheet  cli  reference  tips 
7 hours ago by michaelfox
Configuring iTerm2
Tips for using and configuring iTerm2 command line interface

Tips for using and configuring iTerm2 command line interface

dotfiles  setup  shell  cli  iterm  apps  tools 
10 hours ago by michaelfox
Changing your terminal’s appearance based on environment variables
I’m scared of the production database. Anyone else? I can copy the production database down to my local instance anytime I want, so I have an up-to-date version I can work off of while developing…

#django #iterm2 #database

iterm  dotfiles  setup  shell  cli  apps  tools 
10 hours ago by michaelfox
vorakl/TrivialRC: A minimalistic RC system and process manager for containers and applications
The minimalistic Run-time Configuration (RC) system and process manager is written in pure BASH and uses just a few external utilities like ls, ps, date and sleep. Minimally, installation of TrivialRC consists of only one file which can be downloaded directly from the Github. Originally, it was designed for use in containers but it also can be well used for running a group of processes asynchronously and synchronously, as well as managing their running order and exit codes.
bash  docker  shell 
12 hours ago by dserodio
A Powerline style prompt for your shell
A Powerline like prompt for Bash, ZSH and Fish. Based on Powerline-Shell by @banga. Ported to golang by @justjanne.
shell  prompt  golang 
22 hours ago by hugowett
Wicd - ArchWiki
Simple wifi manager that has a cli and curses mode
linux  networking  wifi  cli  terminal  shell  bash 
yesterday by awhite

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