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Uber, Losing $1.8 Billion a Year, Reveals I.P.O. Filing - The New York Times
The world’s largest ride-hailing service unveiled its prospectus for what is likely to be the biggest initial public offering for years.
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8 days ago by stevesong
Inside Airbnb's 'Guerrilla War' Against Local Governments | WIRED
Airbnb maintains that, in most cases, it’s not responsible for collecting occupancy taxes required of hotels and other lodgings or for ensuring the rooms and homes listed on its sites comply with zoning or health regulations. The company says it follows local and state laws but considers itself a “platform,” serving merely to connect hosts and visitors, rather than a lodging provider—more akin to Facebook than Marriott.

The onus is on hosts, Airbnb argues, to collect and pay any relevant taxes and to comply with other regulations. In practice, though, few actually do—at least not without considerable effort by local authorities—according to interviews with more than a dozen local government officials and advisers.
Airbnb  sharingeconomy  housing  taxation  regulation  review  critique  USA  Wired  2019 
4 weeks ago by inspiral
An interesting read: that the is just a ruse run amok—the opposite of the mes…
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Create an online marketplace | Sharetribe
Build a marketplace website online. With Sharetribe's online marketplace website builder you can launch today. No developer or marketplace software needed.
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december 2018 by iainbroome
Next Stop, Uberland: The Onrushing Algorithmic Future of Work
One thing you get from reading Alex Rosenblat’s Uberland: How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work, is that there is nothing inevitable about management trending in a positive direction. Drawing on four years of ethnographic research among Uber drivers, Rosenblat has produced a thoroughly dystopian report that details how millions of drivers are now managed by a computerized system that combines the hard authoritarianism of Frederick Winslow Taylor with the cynical cheerleading of Michael Scott.
november 2018 by vdbm

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