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Dat is the non-profit, secure, and distributed package manager for data.
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15 hours ago by stevesong
The one click screen sharing solution for modern support teams.
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yesterday by eashman
What the ctenophore says about the evolution of intelligence | Aeon Essays
What the ctenophore says about the evolution of intelligence – via @aeonmag
biology  brain  evolution  Sharing 
yesterday by brandizzi
"New Zealand's Carsharing Service. Book cars by the hour in Auckland and Wellington"
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yesterday by l0b0
Cool Grumpygroup | Flickr – Photo Sharing!… HD Image | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
grumpygroup | Flickr – Image Sharing!… grumpygroup | Flickr – Image Sharing! grumpygroup | Flickr – Image Sharing!…
IFTTT  WordPress  Bird  cool  Flickr  grumpygroup  hd  image  photo  sharing 
2 days ago by wotek
Centrestack - Self-Hosted File Sharing, Sync and Mobile Access for Business | Cloudify File Servers with Managed File Sync and Share - CentreStack
$3.50/mo./user self-hosted - competes with OwnCloud, FileCloud, Anchor, Soonr, ShareFile, Dropbox for Business, Box. Connect to Amazon S3
sharing  sync  cloud  s3 
4 days ago by wellsa
Modern V Stitch Blanket | Flickr – Photo Sharing!… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
V-Stitch blanket | Flickr – Image Sharing!… V-Stitch blanket | Flickr – Image Sharing! V-Stitch blanket | Flickr – Image Sharing!…
IFTTT  WordPress  Blankets  blanket  Flickr  hd  modern  photo  sharing  VStitch 
4 days ago by wotek
Impressive Inspiration For Happy Monday!! I Am So Excited To Finally Be Sharing These Benches With You Guys… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Happy Monday!! I am so thrilled to lastly be sharing these benches with you men… Happy Monday!! I am so thrilled to lastly be sharing these benches with you men now! Ana and I labored jointly on my Fancy X Farmhouse Desk a number of months back again and it has been a strike! It […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Bench  Benches  Excited  finally  guys  happy  hd  Impressive  inspiration  monday  sharing 
5 days ago by wotek
Is adblocking a DMCA violation? - What the Daily WTF?
Easylist, the popular AdBlock filter list has apparently been the target of a DMCA takedown notice.

Two days ago, a commit appeared in the Easylist repo on Github, removing the domain from Easylist, following a DMCA takedown notice filed with Github. That domain appears to be owned by US-based anti-adblocking company Admiral who claims that publishers have lost $13.4 Billion so far this year, due to AdBlock.

According to a comment on EasyList's Github repo, is not actually an ad server but is part of Admiral's "copyright access control platform" that they provide to publishers. Admiral claims that blocking amounts to "circumventing a publisher’s copyright access control technology" in violation of the DMCA.
sharing  law  defect  marketing  ++++-  Software 
7 days ago by jonippolito

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