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Daring Fireball: Medium and the Scourge of Persistent Sharing Dickbars
Medium seems to continue to grow in popularity as a publishing platform, and as it does, I’m growing more and more frustrated by their on-screen “engagement” turds. Every Medium site displays an on-screen “sharing” bar that covers the actual content I want to read. This is particularly annoying on the phone, where screen real estate is most precious. Now on iOS they’ve added an “Open in App” button that literally makes the last 1-2 lines of content on screen unreadable. To me these things are as distracting as having someone wave their hand in front of my face while I try to read.
Here’s an annotated screenshot (and threaded rant) I posted to Twitter while trying to read Steven Sinofksy’s WWDC 2017 trip report on my iPad Pro review unit last week.
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yesterday by rgl7194
Powerful data sharing
from your desktop.

Dat is the distributed data sharing tool. Use the desktop app, command line tool, and javascript library.
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2 days ago by awhite
Library Genesis
Library Genesis is a scientific community targeting collection of books on natural science disciplines and engineering.
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4 days ago by nebakineza
Is the Gig Economy Working? - The New Yorker
Many liberals have embraced the sharing economy. But can they survive it?
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4 days ago by soobrosa
This Former Accountant Wants You to Stop Buying Things and Start Borrowing Them — Make Change
The Sharing Depot, Toronto’s first library of things, helps space-starved
urbanites cut costs and clutter without giving up access to the stuff they
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5 days ago by osteele
sharing: the opposite of caring
Alan Jacobs/The New Atlantis, May 1, 2017.
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6 days ago by markcoddington

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