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Korea's sharing economy: Uber and Airbnb left out of Seoul mayor Park Won-soon's "Sharing City" — Quartz
RT @dasharp: In Seoul, a new #sharingeconomy takes hold—one that leaves Uber and Airbnb in the cold. #SharingCities
korea  sharing  economy  uber  airbnb 
yesterday by grantyoung
How to use iCloud Photo Sharing in Photos for Mac! | iMore
Using, sharing, and organizing your photos with iCloud is a lot easier than you think. Here's how!
Whether you're looking to access and share photos to your iCloud account, wanting to share, comment, and like albums and photos with other people, or simply want to send your photos and videos to Facebook and Flickr, there are quite a number of ways to take advantage of Photos for Mac.
Here's how you can use iCloud Photo Sharing in Photos for Mac, and so, so much more!
How to access iCloud Photo Sharing in the Photos app for Mac
How to add someone to a stream with iCloud Photo Sharing and Photos for Mac
How to like or comment on shared images and videos in Photos for Mac
How to share a single image or video with Photos for Mac
How to share multiple images and videos at once with Photos for Mac
icloud  photo  sharing 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Clips is the Apple-made video sharing app that’s not a social media network | Ars Technica
Can Apple convince video sharers to move their filmmaking to its app?
Apple clearly knows how popular video sharing is over social media, so it created a new way for iOS users to make and share videos. Today, the company announced a new app called Clips, a video-creation app that borrows many features from social media outlets' video-sharing apps but doesn't actually have a social media network attached to it. It appears Apple's goal with Clips is to provide a way to easily make fun videos by stringing together clips, music, text, and more, and then sharing them over social media.
ios  video  editing  sharing  apps 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Apple introduces Clips video app | iLounge News
Among all its product roll outs and updates today, Apple also revealed Clips, a new app that lets users create videos using photos, music and video clips. The app includes a Live Titles feature that lets users make animated captions over their videos simply by using their voice, providing a simple option for adding subtitles to videos that are perfectly timed to the subject’s words. The app also provides several Snapchat-like options, such as filters, stickers, speech bubbles, shapes and more. The app can even identify the people in videos to make it easier to send them a copy through Messages, and allows the videos to be posted on other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The app is set to be released on the App Store sometime in April.
ios  video  editing  sharing  apps 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Clips: Apple's new answer to social media content and sharing | iMore
What exactly is the new Clips app and how can I use it with my social media?
If you're someone who goes gaga over apps like Snapchat and Instagram Stories and, ahem, Messenger Day, then you'll probably be interested in the latest app that Apple is releasing.
Apple introduces Clips: the fun, new way to create expressive videos on iOS … [This] new app for iPhone and iPad is incredibly easy to use and introduces an innovative way to create animated titles.
Clips, "a new app that makes it quick and fun for anyone to create expressive videos on iPhone and iPad", combines video clips, photos, and music into snappy, electric videos you can share through Messages, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and every other social media network!
ios  video  editing  sharing  apps 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Apple introduces Clips app to create and share videos - Six Colors
Well, if your wildcard bet for today’s Apple announcements was an app for making short videos on your iOS device, I applaud your predilection for preternatural prediction. The company announced Clips, an app that lets you combine video, photos, and music into videos to share through Messages or on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.
ios  video  editing  sharing  apps 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Apple Announces Clips, an iOS Video App Coming in April – MacStories
Apple announced today that it is launching a new video app called Clips in April. The app lets users combine video, photos, music, and more and then share their creations with Messages, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks.
Apple is touting a feature called 'Live Titles' that:
lets users create animated captions and titles using just their voice. Fun effects including comic book filters, speech bubbles, shapes and full-screen animated posters help bring out the personality in videos made with Clips.
ios  video  editing  sharing  apps 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Apple debuts Clips for iOS | MacTech
Apple has debuted Clips, a new app that allows iPhone and iPad users to create “expressive videos.” It lets you combine video clips, photos and music into videos to share with friends through the Messages app, or on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.
Clips also introduces Live Titles, a feature that lets users create animated captions and titles using just their voice. Effects including comic book filters, speech bubbles, shapes and full-screen animated posters.
ios  video  editing  sharing  apps 
2 days ago by rgl7194
No Share Buttons on Mobile Sites (Except This One Weird Case) | Big Medium
ux  mobile  sharing  social 
3 days ago by bordalix
sharing  webservice 
5 days ago by tam
horbito - The new Cloud
I upvoted horbito on Product Hunt: A new way of sharing, working and collaborating.
ProductHunt  Tech  File  Storage  Web  Productivity  Android  Get  Shit  Done  Task  Management  iPhone  SaaS  A  new  way  of  sharing  working  and  collaborating. 
5 days ago by glitchwitch

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