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Responsible Social Share Links
Social share scripts are convenient and easy to copy & paste but rely on JavaScript and add additional overhead to your site, which means more HTTP requests and slower load times. Instead, use share links that don’t require you to load scripts for each social site.
sharing  social  javascript  performance 
yesterday by spaceninja | Social Email | Home
Turn any email into a publicly accessible web page.
eMail  sharing 
4 days ago by mortonfox
GDPR - A Practical Guide For Developers - Bozho's tech blog
RT @java: Practical guide for developers on GDPR, the new European data protection regulation.
security  privacy  gdpr  Sharing  software-security  software-development 
5 days ago by brandizzi
Set up Family Sharing - Apple Support;;
tags: Set up Family Sharing - Apple Support | appleID HowTo ;;;
Set  up  Family  Sharing  -  Apple  Support  |  appleID  HowTo 
7 days ago by neerajsinghvns
5 Ways We Undermine Empathy Development in Children | Happiness is here
"I often hear that children are selfish and that empathy is something we need to actively teach them. But the above scenario is not an isolated incident. Children demonstrate empathy from a young age."

I never thought of that. (I also never thought i'd spend the morning reading parenting articles)
parenting  children  empathy  people  sharing  kids 
10 days ago by ssam
Inc helps you to discuss and share information without emailing everyone.
collaboration  sharing 
12 days ago by guy

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