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A library for reading Shared Preferences and Database values within the application.
android  sharedpreferences  database  inspect 
june 2017 by tp78
rx-preferences - Reactive SharedPreferences for Android
sharedpreferences  android  rx  library  rxjava 
november 2015 by lgtout
Tray is this mentioned explicit cross-process data management approach powered by a ContentProvider. Tray also provides an advanced API which makes it super easy to access and maintain your data with upgrade and migrate mechanisms.
android  android-library  sharedpreferences  multithreading  contentprovider 
october 2015 by tp78
Wrapper for Android SharedPreferences with object serialization and RxJava Observables
android  android-library  sharedpreferences  rxjava  frp 
february 2015 by tp78
compile 'me.denley.preferenceinjector:PreferenceInjector:2.1.1'
android  android-library  sharedpreferences  dependencyinjection 
february 2015 by tp78

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