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Step One: Find the actor who voiced him on LinkedIn.
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3 hours ago by marieiscool
Opening Soon: Tang & Biscuit -
stoked on this. the biggest shuffleboard club in the world and my friends painted basically the entire inside.
The indoor shuffleboard court and social club debuts Sunday in Scott's Addition.
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8 hours ago by marieiscool
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Facebook’s Flawed DNA Makes It Unable to Fight Misinformation via Monday Note
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21 hours ago by francoisavril
Doe Paoro - "Over" - YouTube
Her new album is coming out the day after my birthday and I know that this is a gift. The synchronicity is strong with this lady. I'm sure we vibrate on the same wavelength.
Have you seen the new video for "Over" yet? I think of it kind of as dedicated to the dreamer.... Happy Sunday
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yesterday by marieiscool
Josie Totah Of NBC’s “Champions” Says She Is A Transgender Woman
The actor from NBC’s Champions detailed what prompted her to come out as transgender in a Time op-ed.
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yesterday by marieiscool
Opinion | How Do You Want to Die? - The New York Times
he says that doctors don't usually tell the patient that they are choosing a few extra months at the cost of a slower and more painful exit from this world. do we put too much weight on the extension of broken life?
How do you want to die? Quickly and painlessly, right? So why do we choose medical treatment that makes this less likely?
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2 days ago by marieiscool
Facebook’s message to media: “We are not interested in talking to you about your traffic…That is the old world and there is no going back” » Nieman Journalism Lab
Facebook’s message to media: “We are not interested in talking to you about your traffic…That is the old world and there is no going back” via Nieman Lab
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4 days ago by francoisavril

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