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Find a rental car or make money renting your car | Turo
Rent any car you want, wherever you want it, from our nationwide community of local car owners, or make extra money renting out your car.
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3 days ago by wmaceyka
Israeli Cauliflower Steaks with Labneh Recipe | Tasting Table
This looks good but why do they have to call it steak? It's just roasted cauliflower and that is fine! You don't have to pretend to be beefy!
Possibly the only way we're eating cauliflower from now on.
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3 days ago by marieiscool
5 Richmond markets to check out this spring | Entertainment |
feeling pretty good that my business will be vending at or was invited to vend at all except for one of these.
There’s a new kind of market in Richmond.
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3 days ago by marieiscool
Cracking the co-working code in commercial real estate
“The corporate culture of other companies is really a landlord-tenant culture, whereas our culture is a guest-member service provider culture,” he said.
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4 days ago by wmaceyka
For Everyone Who's Still Fucked Up Over That Story About The Girl With The Ribbon Around Her Neck
The one that really messed me up was when the kids fell asleep with their hands outside of the blankets and then their fingers were chopped off and they had to eat them for breakfast in their oatmeal.
I am not over "The Green Ribbon."
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4 days ago by marieiscool
Tired Of Being Asked To Work For Free, This Artist Started Drawing These Client Requests | Bored Panda
Tired of being asked to work for free, this artist started drawing these client requests:
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5 days ago by marieiscool
Google adds wheelchair-accessible routes to Google Maps
“Google officially introduced wheelchair-accessible routes on Google Maps. The new feature will give those with wheelchairs or other mobility needs an easier way to navigate using public transit.”
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5 days ago by marieiscool
Gangolf Ulbricht, The Papermaker
Lovely video of Gangolf Ulbricht, a German papermaker showing his technique.
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5 days ago by davidnunez
Is There Hope for Virtual Reality in Art? Why Marina Abramovic and Jeff Koons Are Not the Answer
A thoughtful critique of virtual reality art pieces. "With every emergent creative technology, hits and misses and backlash are bound to occur—novelty is a troubling cross for technology to bear." Indeed.
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5 days ago by davidnunez
Do Free Museums Attract Lower Income Visitors? (DATA)
We're about to spend a lot of time evaluating ticket prices, membership models, etc. @mitmuseum ... It's remembering that museums, in general, and especially museums like ours can be intimidating for some.
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5 days ago by davidnunez
Soviet-Era Musical Records Up-Cycled from X-Rays
fascinating objects: encoded recordings cut from old x-ray plastic
5 days ago by davidnunez
How to make competitive intelligence your competitive advantage
The benefits of a competitive market aren’t reaped automatically. What you need is an all-encompassing awareness of the industry you’re in — its peaks and troughs, new players and old-timers, innovations and disasters.
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5 days ago by n8kowald
Forbes Welcome
you don't say...
The children of immigrants often make unrecognized contributions, including becoming America's next generation of top scientists and engineers.
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7 days ago by marieiscool
27 Products To Buy When You Finally Realize Adulthood Is Forever
Today I said im 30, too. Even though I'm 32.
Because after that first time you get up from a chair and say, "oof!" out loud, there's no going back... fortunately, we've got the products you may want to own when you're suddenly closer to 30 than 20.
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7 days ago by marieiscool
Hey, Are Uncrustables A Type Of Ravioli?
People on Wikipedia are fighting about it, so let's fight about it too.
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7 days ago by marieiscool

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