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The Cyber Swiss Army Knife - a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis
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17 hours ago by ndonohue
Hashing a File in Elixir
What is a hash function and how to calculate the hash strings and files in Elixir, using functions in :crypto module and Elixir Streams
elixir  encryption  md5  sha1 
5 weeks ago by eberfreitas
Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange
I tested some different algorithms, measuring speed and number of collisions.

I used three different key sets:

A list of 216,553 English words (in lowercase)
The numbers "1" to "216553" (think ZIP codes, and how a poor hash took down
216,553 "random" (i.e. type 4 uuid) GUIDs

For each corpus, the number of collisions and the average time spent hashing was recorded.

I tested:

DJB2a (variant using xor rather than )
FNV-1 (32-bit)
FNV-1a (32-bit)
Murmur2 (32-bit)
hash  cryptography  algorithms  programming  hashing  bestpractices  performance  murmur  md5  sha1 
10 weeks ago by vrobin
How to View a Certificate Fingerprint as SHA-256, SHA-1 or MD5 using OpenSSL
How to View a Certificate Thumbprint as SHA-256, SHA-1 or MD5 using OpenSSL How to View a Certificate Fingerprint as SHA-256, SHA-1 or MD5 using OpenSSL
openssl  x509  crypto  ssl  certificate  sha1  sha256  hash  fingerprint  commandline  solution 
11 weeks ago by kme
SHA-1 collision attacks are now actually practical and a looming danger | ZDNet
should switch to (in order of preference):

* SHA-512/256
* SHA3-256
* SHA-384
* Any other SHA2-family hash function as a last resort

"...unless they're storing passwords! In which case, they should switch to (in order of preference):

* Argon2id with memory >= 32MiB, >= 2 rounds, and >= 2 parallelism
* scrypt / yescrypt with memory >= 32 MiB, >= 4 rounds, and >= 1 parellelism
* bcrypt (for PHP devs, password_hash() and password_verify() does the trick)
* PBKDF2-SHA512 with 85,000 iterations as a last resort

"But SHA1 should no longer be used anymore. No excuses," Arciszewski
sha1  cracking  crypto  hashing  algorithms  advice 
may 2019 by kme - Home is a community recovering password from submitted hashes.
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february 2019 by plaxx
Check and verify md5/sha1/sha256 checksums for MacOS X when I download files - nixCraft |
The solution is to check `uname -s` == "Darwin" and use `shasum -a 1` instead of `sha1sum`, which only exists on Linux
mac  osx  macos  security  checksum  hash  sha1  workaround  solution 
january 2019 by kme

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