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Five Places to Go in San Francisco - The New York Times
Sequoia Sake

When Jake Myrick started Sequoia Sake with his wife, Noriko Kamei, and partner. Warren Pfahl, his goal was to make the fresh, unpasteurized sakes he loved in Japan, where he and his wife lived for nine years, and couldn’t find in the United States. Their year-old brewery serves up tastes of Sequoia’s two fresh namazake varietals alongside four pasteurized counterparts. It’s also the only place in the United States to find their limited edition shizuku-style sake, or drip sake. The brewery hosts koji workshops and sake pairing events, too.

50 Apparel Way; 415-225-0515; sequoiasake.com
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The unfortunate truth about policy in
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Congratulations Pine Tree- Bay Area arts & culture podcast
episode 0148-mentions Wolf Eyes residency that James put together. 15" & 18" marks
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