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Beneath the Stars - delighted
Steve probably doesn’t really know what he’s getting himself in for with this relationship with Danny. He just knows he’s in it all the way. And that includes Halloween parties complete with inflatable kiddie pools filled with pillows... which turns out to be fun for the adults as well.
steve/danny  commitment/intimacyissues!  h50  developingrelationship  canondivergence  feelings!  sexy  domestic!  sweet  romance!  c:oneshot/-7k  establishedrelationship 
4 days ago by floatondown
Biding My Time - w.y.back
To destroy Harry and prove his loyalty to Voldemort, Snape uses the one advantage no other Death Eater has - he's been watching the trio for years, he's read Harry's mind ... and knows how Harry really feels about Hermione! Can the trio's friendship survive this?
canondivergence  war!  pining  c:50-100k  hermione/ron  abandoned  cursed!  hogwarts  villain:snape  sexy  harry/hermione  angsty  dub/non-con  villain:voldemort  hp 
5 days ago by floatondown
Also, y’all, can we talk about these winglets?
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8 weeks ago by eejay

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'daredevil'  'handmaid's  120k-words  1960s  75  9  9:  a  abandoned  action  adult  ae:  alex  alternatereality  america”  amy/jonah  angeles  angst+happyending  angsty  ao3  archives  artist!  artwork  atriz  auta  auto  away!  awesome  babe  backs”  bad  badass  bar/club!  be  bestfriends!  birthday!  bitly  blog  bloody  body  bodyguard!  boobs  book  boutique  brian/vince  brotherhood  brothers  c:-15k  c:100-200k  c:15-50k  c:50-100k  c:oneshot/-7k  canada!  canondivergence  car  cars  cartoon  cattrall  cbs  characterbashing  cheerleader  city  classes  closes  cominghome!  commitment/intimacyissues!  cool  cops  costume  cursed!  dancing!  dark  days  denver  developingrelationship  domestic!  drama  drinking!  dub/non-con  economics  elegance  emotionalhurt/comfort  episode-related  episode:2x22  establishedrelationship  everything  fairy  family  farming  farms  fast&furious  fast  feelings!  festival  fiction  fight  firstsexexperience  firsttime  fit  five  flamingo  flirting!  foodgasm  foodporn  for  friendstolovers  friendswithbenefits  fun  funny  galaxy  gayest  gettingbetter  gif  glee  go  good  grow  gt  guy  h50  halloween  handholding!  harrington  harry/hermione  hei  hermione/ron  hey  hogwarts  hot  hotel  hottness  hp  humanau  humor  i'm  i  idea  ideas  ifttt  images  in  incarcerated!  infidelity!  infirmi  insecurity!  intimacy  is  jake  jay  jersey!  kia  kim  kink:bare  kink:blowjob  kink:bottoming  kink:d/s  kink:glasses  kink:masturbation  kink:needy/overwrought  kink:oral  kink:overstim  kink:public  kink:size  kink:toys  know  la  lefthome/moving!  lesbian  lesbianing  lina  lingerie  lol  los  lovely  loverealization!  loves  lustig  lyrics  magical  marvel  massage!  matt  meds  menage  mess  misunderstanding  moist  moore  murdock  nba  new  note  novelty  now  nsfw  of  onlynotreally  our  pants  paradox  peterson  phish  photos  pick  pining  planetsuzy  please  pocket  polyamory!  pornworker!  pose  possessive!  pregnancy  prince  prostitution!  psy  puck/rachel  pulled  pwp*  pwp  read.this  reading  reason  reasons  red  reenactment  rogue/logan  romance!  romance  rome  rope  russell  samochody  samsung  scene  schuhe  season  sedan  sex  sexcapades  sexe  sexiest  sexualityrealization!  sexualtension!  shemar  shibari  shirtlessguys  shoe  shoes  should  sigman  single  slowbuild  soldier!/seal!  some  song  spa  sparring!  sports  sports_illustrated  starring  stephanie  steve/catherine  steve/danny/freddie  steve/danny  stinger  stuck  sunny  superstore  swat  swatcbs  sweet  swimming!  tale'  tale  teasing!  thai  that  the  the_affair  there  this  three  thunderstruck  to  tony/steve  toy  tractor  trailer  tumblr_blog  unread  unrequitedlove!  up  vegas  villain:snape  villain:voldemort  violin  war!  was  webcomics  ween  weirdos  what's  why  wife?  with  witnessprotection!  witzig  work  wynajem  x-men  yoga!  you  your  ‘escapement’  “handmaid”  “on  “the 

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