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The myth of the male bumbler
There's a reason for this plague of know-nothings: The bumbler's perpetual amazement exonerates him. Incompetence is less damaging than malice. And men — particularly powerful men — use that loophole like corporations use off-shore accounts. The bumbler takes one of our culture's most muscular myths — that men are clueless — and weaponizes it into an alibi.
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24 days ago by trank928
Against Students | feministkilljoys
... when sexual harassment becomes embedded in or as academic culture, then we are talking about how some women do not have access to universities even after they have applied and been admitted. Sexual harassment is an access issue. Sexual harassment is an equality issue. Sexual harassment is a social justice issue. We are talking about women who have to exit the institution to survive the institution.
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24 days ago by trank928
The Conversation About Aziz Ansari Is an Uncomfortable Mess, Which Is Why We Need to Have It
Disingenuous, lazy claims about the “ambiguity” of both consent and resistance allow sexual assault to remain ubiquitous. If nothing else, we are a society that firmly believes in questioning the credibility of alleged victims with way more fervor than we do the actions of their alleged abusers. We have ample leg room to instead fix our gaze on proper ways to handle the stories and best interest of people alleging sexual assault. We can also stand to focus a harsher lens on men like Ansari who pursue rigid sexual compliance in the face of resistance and to admonish their team of toxic acolytes who are more than eager to dismiss their harmfulness.
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4 weeks ago by yolandaenoch
Moira Donegan: I started the media men list
1. "Watching the cells populate, it rapidly became clear that many of us had weathered more than we had been willing to admit to one another. There was the sense that the capacity for honesty, long suppressed, had finally been unleashed. This solidarity was thrilling, but the stories were devastating. I realized that the behavior of a few men I had wanted women to be warned about was far more common that I had ever imagined. This is what shocked me about the spreadsheet: the realization of how badly it was needed, how much more common the experience of sexual harassment or assault is than the opportunity to speak about it. I am still trying to grapple with this realization."

2. "I was incredibly naïve when I made the spreadsheet. I was naïve because I did not understand the forces that would make the document go viral. I was naïve because I thought that the document would not be made public, and when it became clear that it would be, I was naïve because I thought that the focus would be on the behavior described in the document, rather than on the document itself. It is hard to believe, in retrospect, that I really thought this. But I did. In some ways, though, I think the flaws in the spreadsheet were also a result of my own cynicism. At the time when I made it, I had become so accustomed to hearing about open secrets, to men whose bad behavior was universally known and perpetually immune from consequence, that it seemed like no one in power cared about the women who were most vulnerable to it."

3. "... this is another toll that sexual harassment can take on women: It can make you spend hours dissecting the psychology of the kind of men who do not think about your interiority much at all."
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5 weeks ago by jnchapel
The Systematic Crushing of a #MeToo Pioneer - The New York Times
So thoroughly did M.G.M. expunge Patricia Douglas from the historical record that when I first stumbled upon her story, no reference source whatsoever cited her case, while a Google search of her name yielded nothing.
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6 weeks ago by yolandaenoch
At Vice, Cutting-Edge Media and Allegations of Old-School Sexual Harassment
An investigation by The New York Times has found four settlements involving allegations of sexual harassment or defamation against Vice employees, including its current president.

In a statement provided to The Times, Mr. Smith and another co-founder, Suroosh Alvi, said “from the top down, we have failed as a company to create a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone, especially women, can feel respected and thrive.”
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8 weeks ago by yolandaenoch

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