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Good Things
Dave whistled through his teeth. “Holy shit! You guys already made it to 2nd base?! Hot damn, Jemaine, who’s the foxy lady?”

“Someone you don’t know,” Jemaine answered quickly, averting his gaze, “But I don’t want our friendship to end. Can you be both...friends? But know...also...?”

“No fucking way, man. You choose one or the other, you can’t do both. You can’t have your cake and fuck it, too. Are you kidding me?”

Flight-of-the-Conchords  Bret/Jemaine  author:ovestedinterest  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  humour  Jemaine-POV  minor-Jemaine/Karen  living-together  sharing-a-room  pining!Bret  masturbation  fantasies  crying  pining!Jemaine  mutual-pining  denial  hugs  cuddling  realisation-of-feelings  avoidance  confrontations  confessions  intoxication  drunken-confessions  sexual-content  hair-pulling  dry-humping  blowjobs  fic  site:LJ  word-count:1-5k     
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In Love With A Bad Idea
Bret is upset and Jemaine tries to figure out the best way to help him, which leads to some unexpected feelings...
Jemaine rolled over to face the wall, then finally allowed himself to really think about what had happened that day. He wracked his brain to figure out exactly what had possessed him to kiss Bret like he did. He tried to tell himself it was completely innocent, just a friendly gesture, a last ditch, pull-out-all-the-stops attempt to get Bret to calm down when nothing else was working - and it was in a way - but Jemaine was forced to admit that that couldn't have been the only reason behind the kiss. If it was, he probably would have forgotten all about it shortly afterward instead of expending all of his willpower in order to avoid spending the entire evening going over every single detail again and again in his mind. The coarseness of Bret's beard against his palms, the softness of Bret's lips against his, the salty taste of Bret's tears...

Why was this so hard to put out of his mind? And why did he want nothing more than to do it again?

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Jemaine had come to a decision today. He'd realized that under no circumstances could he live without Bret. That left him with only one option in the tell-Bret-or-don't-tell-Bret scenario he'd been endlessly playing out in his mind for weeks.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"Sounds to me like trouble in paradise..." Dave suggested, sagely.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bret asked.

"Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about," Dave said, an incredulous look on his face, "you Norwegian motherfuckers are so gay for each other it's not even funny. OK, well it is a little funny," Dave chuckled.

"What?" Bret said, surprised, "no...Jemaine and me...we're not like that."

"Whatever you say, dude," Dave said, tone of disbelief in his voice, "all I know is that the way Jemaine was acting when he came in here a few weeks ago? He only acts that way when you two are fighting or when you somehow manage to find yourself a girlfriend."
Flight-of-the-Conchords  Bret/Jemaine  author:Dytallix_B  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  Jemaine-POV  living-together  sharing-a-room  crying  hugs  cooking  experiments  pining  mutual-pining  pining!Jemaine  pining!Bret  wet-dreams  realisation-of-feelings  observation  sexual-content  masturbation  hurt!Jemaine  cuts  blood  avoidance  nightmares  confrontations  arguments  reconciliation  dry-humping  cuddling  literally-sleeping-together  blowjobs  misunderstandings  confessions  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
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Impact of Disease
“Hanahaki Disease develops rapidly when one suffers from unrequited love for a very long time. In order to heal it you have to get your feelings returned. Or I get to cut your ribcage open, get the flowers extracted and then your feelings for the person will die with it. Or you can choose to die from a lung collapse. Your choice.”

When Morty develops Hanahaki Disease, Rick is amazed to find that his grandson would rather get a removal surgery than face his crush. Yet as Rick is about to find out, Morty's interest is not as unwilling as the boy thinks.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Preetyladyserenity  romance  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  AU  Hanahaki-AU  Rick-POV  pining  pining!Morty  mutual-pining  pining!Rick  headaches  blood  love-confessions  neck-play  sexual-content  dirty-talk  blowjobs  rimming  biting  cuddling  fic  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
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Based very loosely on a set of four acceptance speeches for awards won at the New Zealand Music Awards: When Bret breaks his bed doing an epic rock ‘n’ roll move it sets off a chain of events that lead to unexpected desire, confusion, heartache and, finally … acceptance.
His expression was heartbreaking, because Jemaine understood it completely. It said, ‘touch me, but please don’t make me ask for it. Please don’t make me talk about it.’

:::::☆ ☆:::::

As he slowly became aware of his surroundings again, he heard Jemaine whisper, ‘Bret, I love you’.

Oh. Holy. Shit.
‘No you don’t,’ said Bret, numbly. Jemaine opened his mouth as though to speak and then closed it again, confused. That wasn’t the answer he’d been expecting. Not that he’d been expecting anything in particular. He’d said it without thinking, surprising himself as much as Bret. Still, he hadn’t expected to be contradicted. ‘Um...I think I do,’ he said.

‘No,’ said Bret more fiercely, ‘You /don’t/.’

‘...Why?’ asked Jemaine, stupidly. He had the ominous feeling that this was going to be a truly horrible conversation.

‘Because you don’t, OK? You can’t. It’s one thing...fooling around...but just can’t. This is messed up enough already.’

Bret’s eyes were stinging. He wiped the back of his clean hand over them and turned from Jemaine, angry and sad and hating all of this. He was sure he was doing the right thing. They had already probably ruined their friendship by introducing sex into it. To pile confessions of love onto the heap was some kind of suicide. Better to call the whole stupid affair off and try to get back some of what they had before. God, he missed his best friend. And yet, deep down, he realised that he too wanted something more. He wanted to hold Jemaine forever. He wanted Jemaine to be his, /his/, no one else’s. But that was a fantasy and he was in over his head and drowning and the only possible lifeline was to say...

‘This has to end here, Jemaine.’

‘No,’ said Jemaine.

‘It has to. Don’t kiss me again. Don’t touch me again. Ever.’

‘Do you...should I...move out?’ – Jemaine blinked and heavy tears rolled down his cheeks. Bret couldn’t bear it.

‘No. No. Stay. I want us to be friends again.’

‘’ve broken my heart.’

Bret stared at Jemaine, pale and drained. This was, without question, the worst thing he had ever done in his life. He felt like he’d been given a beautiful, perfect flower and torn it apart. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said, his voice cracked with tears. ‘We can...we /will/ get over it. We will.’

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Jemaine reached down and dragged Bret up by the front of his shirt. Before Bret could struggle or protest, he found himself shoved roughly against the filing cabinet, the metal cold through his shirt and contrasting deliriously with the heat of Jemaine holding him there. Jemaine’s thigh was between his legs, pressing against his crotch, and Jemaine had one hand around his wrist and another wound tightly in his hair. Jemaine’s breath was hot against his neck. Bret was caught helplessly between arousal and fear. Jemaine had been assertive before, but never like this. It wasn’t like him.

‘Is this what you want?’ growled Jemaine into Bret’s ear. ‘This is what you asked for, isn’t it? This is what you’ve been asking for every time you turned me on when you /knew/ I wouldn’t do anything about it because I love you. And well done. Congratulations. I’ve been tempted. I’ve been tempted every time. You’d like me to give in now, wouldn’t you? Damn bastard cocktease. I can tell you’re dying for it. I should fuck you right here against the filing cabinet. But you know how it would end up? Exactly how it ended up before. Don’t you get it? I love you. I’m in love with you and every time you deliberately make me want you it tears me apart a little more. So if you don’t love me, stop leading me on, fuck off and let me type my fucking email in peace. Please.’

Bret’s eyes grew wide for a second, as though something had suddenly become clear to him.

‘No,’ he said.
Flight-of-the-Conchords  Bret/Jemaine  author:asylumsatellite  romance  humour  angst-with-a-happy-ending  Jemaine-POV  living-together  sharing-a-room  literally-sleeping-together  sexual-content  wet-dreams  observation  denial  experiments  dub-con  avoidance  neck-play  crying  pining  mutual-pining  pining!Jemaine  pining!Bret  fantasies  masturbation  mutual-masturbation  dirty-talk  parties/celebrations  games  biting  blowjobs  frottage  love-confessions  rejection  flirting  confrontations  realisation-of-feelings  PDA  fic  site:Your-Beard-Is-Good  word-count:5-10k     
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The Field Trip
Archie and Maxie are two single dads volunteering for a weekend trip to Mt. Chimney. It's been a long time since Maxie has been with anyone and upon meeting Archie, he finds himself fighting strong feelings for the other man. Will he be able to survive the weekend as a responsible chaperon or will he find himself struggling to keep things G-rated?
Pokémon  Archie/Maxie  author:KitsunaRi  RSE/ORAS  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  AU  Single-Parent-AU  minor-Brendan/May  first-meetings  denial  sharing-a-room  flirting  sexual-content  masturbation  observation  attacks  Pokémon-battles  hurt!Maxie  concussions  lacerations  blood  headaches  dizziness  physical-support  loss-of-consciousness  hurt!Archie  dislocations  dislocated-shoulder/s  near-death  hospitalisation  crying  neck-play  hickeys  blowjobs  frottage  begging  cuddling  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k 
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Amateur Hour
SUPER short fic where Rick walks in on Morty jacking off in his room and rick mercilessly teases him about EVERYTHING. Rick freaks out once he's alone and (accidentally?) gets himself off too...
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:phoenixofsin  romance  light-angst  POV-switch  incest  underage  sexual-content  caught-masturbating  masturbation  fantasies  fic  two-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
april 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Romance is Dead
Morty goes to college and thinks about Rick's feelings for him.
“D-do you think you’re gonna be, gonna be allowed to keep going on adventures with me if y-y-you come home stumbling drunk? Do you even know what’s in here, Morty? You’ve got no tolerance, Morty, you’ll be drunk as a skunk.”

“Maybe I-I don’t /want/ to go on adventures with you anymore, Rick, ever think of that?” Morty half-yelled, wishing Rick wasn’t right about his low tolerance.

Rick’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Why wouldn’t you want to go anymore, Morty?”

Mouth dropping open, Morty scoffed and asked, “Really? Y-you have no idea why I wouldn’t, wouldn’t want to come along with you anymore?”

“Is this about you going off to college, Morty, because that’s not going to stop our adventures, you know? I-I can portal to your school and pick you up-“

“No, Rick, Jesus, I don’t want you to come pick me up at school!” Morty said hotly. “I don’t want to g-go anywhere else with you!”

Rick was silent for a long moment, long enough for Morty to bristle with anger again, before saying, “It’s about the kiss.” It wasn’t a question.

Morty’s face flushed, hearing Rick say it out loud. “D-duh.”

Heaving out a sigh, Rick drank deeply from his flask. “Goddamn M-Morty, you’re such a little-URP-such a little bitch. Just get over it already.”

A crazed look came into Morty’s eyes and he twisted in his seat to face Rick. “/Get over it/? Y-y-you kissed me! You’re my f-fucking grandpa and you kissed me!”

Rick brought the spaceship to an abrupt halt. “Listen, /Morty/, d-don’t read into things so much. A kiss, that ain’t no thang. It was nothing. It meant nothing.”

The statement hit Morty like a punch in the gut. He could still remember the feeling of Rick’s wet, chapped lips on his, his warm tongue probing his mouth, Rick’s hands fisted in his shirt. He’d spent the better part of two weeks agonizing over it, the wrongness of it, the way it’d made him feel to be kissed by his grandfather, trying to decipher his feelings about it, and now Rick was telling him it didn’t /matter/? “F-fuck you, Rick.”
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:itsnotmeitsyouxxx  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  humour  minor-Morty/Jessica  incest  strained/broken-friendships  arguments  flirting  pining  pining!Morty  mutual-pining  fantasies  reconciliation  sexual-content  masturbation  jealousy  dirty-talk  neck-play  blowjobs  praise-kink  cuddling  misunderstandings  parties/celebrations  possessiveness  hugs  begging  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k   
april 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
All Messed Up in You
Morty has been indulging his secret shame with online image boards. Rick has been trying to ignore his. Neither method makes this mutual pining easier. A Saturday alone changes everything when Morty helps Rick with a hurt knee.
“Tell me. T-tell me what you were doing with m-my shirt. A-and... my underwear Rick.”

Rick wanted to shoot a portal to somewhere extremely far away. But his portal gun was conveniently downstairs, so instead he planted his fists on his hips and huffed, rolling his eyes. “It's not what you're thinking, Morty.”

“Is it not?” Morty asked in such a thin, strained voice that Rick felt a pang in his chest. “I-if that's true, then... say it again. I'll believe you.” He put his hands on the sides of his head, eyes falling to the floor. “Cause maybe... y-y'know, m-my mind is pretty messed up, and I coulda just saw it the wrong way. If that's the case, if I am crazy or stupid, tell me. A-a-and I'll forget what I saw.”

The fists that Rick had pressed to his hips grew weak, and they slipped, arms dangling heavily at his sides. His throat felt tight, and he swallowed a lump. Morty was giving him an out, and it'd be stupid not to take it.

“It was,” Rick said, his voice just above a whisper, “not what you're thinking.”

With that, Rick turned. He put his hand on the door frame, then let go and stepped forward.

“Yeah. Heh,” Morty said, fiddling his fingers in front of his stomach. “I-I guess if you'd walked in on me last night- on me with pictures of naked old men on my laptop last night... I guess I'd tell you it wasn't what you thought, too.”

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Having his dick sucked was a shock to Morty’s senses. This was an entirely new sensation of hot wetness and the varied pressures of Rick’s tongue. Even the occasional bumps of Rick’s back teeth as he shoved into a cheek weren’t entirely unpleasant. Sure this didn’t have the instant intensity and tightness of a closed, lubed fist, but watching Rick’s head rock back and forth as if to the beat of a song, feeling the way his mouth was attacking his dick in a hundred different ways, brought Morty to a fast boil. This was Rick, the man whose domineering personality was equal parts intimidating, insulting, and infatuating, and here he was sucking his dick.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:TripleX_Tyrant  romance  light-angst  hurt/comfort  humour  alternating-POV  incest  pining  pining!Morty  mutual-pining  pining!Rick  sexual-content  porn-viewing  masturbation  fantasies  wet-dreams  observation  accidents  hurt!Rick  caught-masturbating  avoidance  confrontations  indirect-love-confessions  hugs  dirty-talk  possessiveness  loss-of-virginity  frottage  blowjobs  doggy-style  cuddling  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k   
april 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Love Unsaid
It had started with a nightmare. Ever since that adventure of his own choice Morty would still sometimes wake up, out of breathe with tears on his cheeks. It didn’t happen often, only a few times a year and he would often end up just trying to distract himself from the dream. How it hadn’t ended up that way.

However Rick was with him this time, and was startled when Morty suddenly shot up out of bed.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Calsa  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  underage  established-relationship  implied/referenced-rape/non-con  nightmares  crying  hugs  sexual-content  blowjobs  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
april 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
You Give Me Fever
After escaping a foreign planet, Morty has contracted a rash that makes him horny and delirious. Rick helps him deal. PWP.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Riachinko  romance  incest  underage  sexual-content  sex-pollen  aphrodisiacs  fever  dizziness  delirium  neck-play  hickeys  object-insertion  dirty-talk  crying  vibrators  blowjobs  fic  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
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By any other prompt...
(this pairing would smell just as gay).

After stumbling across a ship prompt sheet on Tumblr, I try to recreate every possible situation - doesn't matter how unlikely - with this pairing from Hell. Let's see how many I can fill before Breath of the Wild comes out!

Chapter 1. Canon verse - Friends to Lovers
Chapter 2. Canon verse - Hate to love
Chapter 3. Canon verse - Blind Date
Chapter 4. Canon verse - Secret Relationship
Chapter 5. Canon verse - Pretend Couple:
Link's debts in the Bazaar are concerning; sharing a room with Fledge is both annoying and traumatizing; and Peatrice still believes they are engaged - even though Link couldn't be gayer.

Life as a former Hero is not as easy as one would think. Ghirahim might be the solution to at least one of those problems.
The-Legend-of-Zelda  Ghirahim/Link  author:holdingbreaths  Skyward-Sword  post-SS  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  minor-Link/Peatrice  minor-Pipit/Karane  flirting  love-confessions  fights  battles  magic-attacks  healing-potions  manipulation  obliviousness  oblivious!Link  sexual-content  matchmaking  blind-dates  deduction  secret-relationships  fake-relationships  PDA  intoxication  accidents  near-death  hurt!Link  loss-of-consciousness  hurt!Ghirahim  blood  headaches  moving-in-together  living-together  blowjobs  casual-relationships  possessiveness  neck-play  hickeys  romantic-advice  realisation-of-feelings  avoidance  begging  punctures  one-shot  one-shot-collection  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
The Name on Your Forehead
The Weasley twin’s latest invention, a glitter-bomb that causes the name of your crush to appear across your forehead, wrecks havoc among the students of Hogwarts. As usual, Harry’s the one who bears the brunt of it.

Excerpt: Malfoy’s eyes narrow and he comes to a stop, only a few paces from Harry. ‘I wouldn’t expect you to understand,’ he spits. ‘After all, your whole face is one big spell-gone-wrong, isn’t it, scarhead?’
Harry ignores the insult, opting to change the topic instead. ‘So, whose name is it then, Malfoy?’ He asks, and as soon as the question is out Malfoy’s eyes slide from his and a glorious red blush creeps up his neck. ‘Someone embarrassing, I bet. McGonagall? Madam Pomfrey? Your Father?’ /That last one might have been going a little too far/, Harry thinks, but really, he just couldn’t resist.
He’s never been able to resist when it comes to Malfoy.
Harry-Potter  Draco/Harry  author:Kiarawolf  romance  humour  light-angst  minor-Ron/Hermione  observation  avoidance  sexual-content  wet-dreams  masturbation  pining  pining!Harry  mutual-pining  fights  deduction  blowjobs  semi-public-sex  misunderstandings  manipulation  indirect-love-confessions  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k 
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain
It always rains for Draco Malfoy. Metaphorically. And literally. Ever since he had accidentally Conjured a cloud. A cloud that's ever so cross.
"What do you mean it —" Draco looked up. The cloud was still there. It was high above Draco, small and so white it almost glowed, but it was still there.

Of course it didn't work. It was never supposed to work. Realisation hit him like a Bludger.

/Hermione has a theory. We were playing Truth or Dare. I kissed everyone. At least twice./

The kiss was not meant to be a cure; it was only ever meant to expose him.

And Potter, Potter looked /guilty/. Draco could imagine it all so very clearly: Granger had a theory. About Draco, about what might cheer him up. And Potter was dared to kiss him and prove Granger right.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"That's not why I'm apologising," Draco said, surprised. Trust Potter to think Draco had an ulterior motive for saying he was sorry. But then Draco remembered he did indeed have an ulterior motive. There was no need to tell Potter that, though.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"I don't think that peacock likes you very much, Ernie," Draco said smugly.

To his surprise, Ernie smiled. "Oh, yes, he does. He's just stubborn. But clever, too. I confess, he didn't like me at first. He gave me quite a fright when I first found him; he ran at me like a bull. But he had merely been scared and had sensed weakness. He's really quite a cuddly creature when he's content."

Draco scowled.
Harry-Potter  Draco/Harry  author:Faith-Wood  post-DH  Hogwarts-Eighth-Year  romance  humour  angst-with-a-happy-ending  minor-Ron/Hermione  inter-House-dorms  rain  emotional-projection  drug-overdose  near-death  observation  hospitalisation  parties/celebrations  games  experiments  manipulation  deduction  misunderstandings  avoidance  accidents  hurt!Draco  cuts  pining  pining!Draco  confrontations  sexual-content  blowjobs  masturbation  hickeys  Patronus-Charm  indirect-love-confessions  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:20-30k     
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Storm in a Teacup
For reasons he'd rather not think about, Draco is obsessed with Potter's hair. This cannot end well.
"You have a very slutty mind."

"Doesn't everyone?"

"Mine's very monogamous, actually."

"Oh? Who's your special fantasy person?"

Draco had to consider it. "A blurry, sort of undefined thing," he decided. "It gives good head."

Potter laughed. It /was/ pretty funny. And sadly true. Draco feared he lacked imagination, visual aspects of it at least. He really liked his blurry, undefined person, though. Giving it a face would make it real. And real tended to lead to spectacular disappointments.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

The knife hadn't appeared right away. It had taken two days after the event for it to sink in. It happened in the middle of the night, a particularly hot one, filled with bad dreams and damp sheets, when Draco woke up with a sudden realisation: Potter was his friend. After all these years. /Potter was his friend./

And now he wasn't.

The pain in his chest began in that moment and it would not stop.
Harry-Potter  Draco/Harry  author:Faith-Wood  post-DH  Hogwarts-Eighth-Year  romance  humour  light-angst  observation  pining  pining!Draco  flirting  coming-out  deduction  accidents  misunderstandings  strained/broken-friendships  hurt!Draco  confrontations  hurt!Harry  love-confessions  reconciliation  sexual-content  dry-humping  blowjobs  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k     
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
What Binds Us
Korekiyo Shinguji and Shuichi Saihara spend a night together in the Love Hotel. This opens both Shuichi's and Korekiyo's eyes to new things.
Danganronpa  Saihara/Shinguuji  author:garlicpolicing  NDRV3  romance  Gifted-Inmates-Academy  Hotel-Kumasutra  sexual-content  bondage  light-D/s  sensation-play  neck-play  biting  begging  blowjobs  masturbation  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k 
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl

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