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Sammy's Happy
Prompt: Dean is John and/or Sam's toy/pet/slave, and their pleasure is all that matters. Dean is fucked, tormented, and teased however they like, but he is NEVER allowed to come. If he does, he is punished with extreme overstimulation and denial.
Genre: Slash, Wincest, Kink/BDSM, Not Safe For Work!bd
kink  sam/dean  sextoy!dean  au  fic  spn  slash  wincest  bdsm 
june 2010 by nicky69
No Hiding Place Down Here
by dreamlittleyo
Summary: [info]spnkink_meme fic: a curse forces Dean to fulfill every sexual fantasy of the people around him, and Sam's not too quick on the uptake.
Warnings: noncon, rough sex, gangbang, fisting, DP, spanking, and some seriously screwed up headspace for Sam
sam/dean  wincest  dean/omc  bottom!dean  harry_potter  author:Eriador117  author  d/s  slash  noncon  nc17  cursed!dean  sextoy!dean  read  STHD  spn 
may 2010 by nicky69
Mother Knows Best
Mary does not die in the fire- John starts coveting Dean, and Mary gives him the go-ahead. He waits until Dean's eighteenth birthday to take what he wants. Eventually he decides to share with Sam. written for [info]spnkink_meme
Warnings: noncon, DP, rough sex, handcuffs, spanking
sam/dean  d/s  incest  john/dean  noncon  spn  abuse  evil!sam  sextoy!dean 
december 2009 by nicky69

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abuse  au  author  author:eriador117  bdsm  bottom!dean  castiel  cursed!dean  d/s  dean/omc  evil!sam  fic  harry_potter  incest  john/dean/sam  john/dean  kink  nc17  noncon  read  rescue  revenge  ruby  sam/dean  slash  spn  sthd  wincest 

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