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Disrupt the Citizen | Online Only | n+1
What Plouffe and the ride-sharing companies understand is that, under capitalism, when markets are pitted against the state, the figure of the consumer can be invoked against the figure of the citizen. Consumption has in fact come to replace our original ideas of citizenship. As the sociologist Wolfgang Streeck has argued in his exceptional 2012 essay, “Citizens as Customers,” the government encouragement of consumer choice in the 1960s and ’70s “radiated” into the public sphere, making government seem shabby in comparison with the endlessly attractive world of consumer society. Political goods began to get judged by the same standards as commodities, and were often found wanting.
The result is that, in Streeck’s prediction, the “middle classes, who command enough purchasing power to rely on commercial rather than political means to get what they want, will lose interest in the complexities of collective preference-setting and decision-making, and find the sacrifices of individual utility required by participation in traditional politics no longer worthwhile.” The affluent find themselves bored by goods formerly subject to collective provision, such as public transportation, ceasing to pay for them, while thereby supporting private options. Consumer choice then stands in for political choice. When Ohio governor John Kasich proposed last year that he would “Uber-ize” the state’s government, he was appealing to this sense that politics should more closely resemble the latest trends in consumption.
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Why Women Aren’t C.E.O.s, According to Women Who Almost Were - The New York Times
Some years ago, when running a division with great results for the largest apparel corporation in the US at the time, I noticed the heads of the other divisions (all male) were VP's. Noting my division's growth, and knowing VP's were reward for what they produced, I went to my boss and told him I'd like to be included in the "club."

His answer: We need you here to be creative. Creative people don't get to run the business, or become VP's. I pointe out that I was, in fact, running the business extremely well.

Shortly thereafter, Ieft and started my own business, following a path of creative bliss and business success ever since. I never once looked back, except to view from a happy distance the misery, bloody warfare and casualties in that corporation, and its eventual demise.

Entrepreneurship is the way to go, not only for women. It is for anyone who wants to escape the corporate meat grinder and industrial time clock in favor of pursuing their core gifts and passion, and contribute to a world desperately in need of help and leadership.
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Men [: sic: ] : Article : Nature
There is a convention within the English language by which writers quoting text can indicate their view that a particular phrase is inappropriate. That is to insert sic, a Latin word meaning 'thus', after the phrase — in effect expressing the sentiment 'alas, dear reader, this is what was said'.
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History’s ‘Unknown Woman.’ Few cared who she was or what she accomplished.
Unknown Woman was especially popular in early America, when the dynamic lives of women who helped build the nation were largely ignored by historians.

Their priorities were usually “the kind of history that ‘mattered’ at the time: the history of big national events, influential men and their families,” said Carolyn Eastman, a history professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The collection, study and preservation of manuscripts “displayed the same sense of priorities: war, great men, family dynasties. So some women’s history got collected along the way if they were connected to big families, but that history wasn’t undertaken on a purposeful level the way that other histories were prioritized,” Eastman said in an email interview.
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Tech Leavers | Kapor Center
Why people of color and women leave tech: first study of its kind.
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