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In Angela Merkel, German Women Find Symbol, but Not Savior - The New York Times
On how Merkel's rise has not been tied to an improved economic position for women, who still make 22% less than men and are almost non-existent as corporate executives. One very interesting point is the difference between East and West, with West being much more conservative on gender issues.
germany  women  gender  women_and_politics  sexism  psc150 
yesterday by johnmfrench
Push for Gender Equality in Tech? Some Men Say It’s Gone Too Far - The New York Times
I see some people are concerned that the lack of explicit condemnation in this article somehow equals support.
discrimination  sexism  gender 
yesterday by icco
Sexist backlash in tech
Men on the record saying stupid things about gender
sexism  tech  gender  tirefire 
yesterday by nelson
A Smart Breast Pump: Mothers Love It. VCs Don’t
The breast pump market is dominated by Swiss manufacturer Medela LLC, which got a boost in the U.S. from an Obamacare mandate that insurance companies must cover the cost of pumps for new moms. Most devices use hard plastic cups and an air suction system. They’re often loud and sometimes painful.

The Naya’s soft suction cup mimics the feel of a baby’s mouth and distributes the suction over a broader area of a woman’s breast. Alvarez said the Naya delivers 30% more breast milk and is 20% faster than alternatives, thanks to a unique water-based system. The company is also planning to sell a smart bottle that will be able to track the volume, calorie count and fat content of breast milk and inputs them into an app. Mothers would be able to use the software to monitor how much they’re pumping, how much the baby is eating and how much milk is left in storage.
capitalism  sexism 
2 days ago by campylobacter
Dan Harmon is pissed at Rick And Morty fans for harassing female writers
Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block doesn’t have a particularly good history of treating women fairly, so it seemed like a good sign when Rick And Morty—one of Adult Swim’s most high-profile shows—made an effort to hire more female writers in the lead-up to its third season. Unfortunately, some of the show’s fans didn’t get the memo that they—like Adult Swim—should stop being such misogynistic assholes. Apparently, sexist Rick And Morty fans have been harassing new writers Jane Becker and Jessica Gao on social media, going so far as to share their personal information online in what seems to be an attempt to shame/scare them into leaving the show.
sexism  tv 
3 days ago by lsrgt
The World Will Split Open
I think it may have been Philippa Gregory who pointed out that they didn’t burn women at the stake to control the women they burned.  They did it to control the women they forced to watch the fires.
politics  sexism  clinton  hillaryclinton 
4 days ago by djwudi
The Pop Culture Detective: The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory: ohnotheydidnt - Page 3
points out that these stock characters are meant to be likeable underdogs, but treat women with zero respect (stalking, never taking no for an answer, literal rape)

Howard is, before his relationship, a wannabe PUA who stalks and harrasses women and who talks about women like they're animals. Sample "joke": "of course it's your house too, why else would you be cleaning it"

Rajesh is the sensitive, shy guy who's a terrible drunk and mocked for his effeminacy. Sample "joke": "where did she go, it was going so well. She never even got to see my penis"

Leonard is the enabler and the pathetic nice guy who refuses to take no for an answer until the object of his affection is "worn down" and accepts him. Sample "joke": no discernible Leonard jokes detected in the video

Sheldon is the innocent bigot who is openly misogynist. Sample "joke": "Madame Curie was an honorary man. She had a penis made of science"

the show uses "ironic lampshading" to get away with its comedy, ie pointing out that it's racist, homophobic and sexist jokes are racist, homophobic and sexist in the text

the sexism of the characters isn't presented as aspirational, the issue is that it's presented as completely harmless
video  misogyny  tv  maleprivilege  sexism 
5 days ago by campylobacter
Second-Hand Misogyny – Transposit
Male cofounder witnesses his female cofounder's exclusion.
tech  sexism 
5 days ago by look
Second-Hand Misogyny – Transposit
About a year ago, my co-founder and I started work on Transposit. It’s not that weird to start a company, but one way in which we were an outlier is that my co-founder is a woman. Starting a company comes with many many lessons; some of the most surprising have come from sitting next to Tina: a front-row seat of what it’s like to be a woman in tech. I see these moments of profound obliviousness and lack of empathy and squirm. I apologize to the women reading this: I know everything that follows will be obvious (but hopefully not redundant). I hope for the men reading this that it will help them be more aware of the subtle (and glaring) ways tech is unwelcoming / discriminatory / hostile to women.
sexism  technology 
5 days ago by micktwomey

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