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Transgender men talk about life on the other side of the gender divide - The Washington Post
4 detailed stories of how the world treated them differently after they began presenting as male.
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yesterday by mcherm
Mansplaining Chart
I have had more than one male colleague sincerely ask whether a certain behavior is mansplaining. Since apparently this is hard to figure out, I made one of them a chart.
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2 days ago by campylobacter
Shhh….I Make More than My Husband: Spouses Report Earnings Differently When Wives Earn More
When a wife earns more, both husbands and wives exaggerate the husband’s earnings and diminish the wife’s.
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4 days ago by campylobacter
Anthony Bourdain Talks Harvey Weinstein, Clintons in Final Interview | Consequence of Sound
The late chef and author also took Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders fans to task
It’s been just over a month since the suicide of author, chef, and TV personality Anthony Bourdain. One of his final interviews, an in-depth discussion with Maria Bustillos of the newly-launched blockchain-based web magazine Popula, was conducted back in February and has just been published. The conversation covered a wide array of subjects, with Bourdain giving some characteristically blunt comments about many sociopolitical matters.
Prior to his death, Bourdain was dating Asia Argento, one of the women at the center of the New York Times article that exposed Harvey Weinstein. As such, Bourdain was an outspoken supporter of the #MeToo movement and a staunch opponent of Weinstein. While he and Bustillos were discussing how the only way to stop the immoral acts of powerful people is to publicly humiliate them, Bourdain imagined the former A-list producer forced to eat at a low-rent restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was his way of explaining that while he’d love “to see him, you know beaten to death in his cell,” it’s actually more satisfying to watch horrible individuals suffer the consequences.
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5 days ago by rgl7194
Re: What Can Men Do? « Jacob Kaplan-Moss
"All in all, Jeff does a great job demonstrating what men should never do but a rather poor job showing what we should. We should be listening to what women and other marginalized people have said and written, even when it’s uncomfortable for us. We should be boosting their signal, instead of our egos. That’s how we make things better."
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7 days ago by ddribin
Misogynist conversations women have all the time | Penelope Trunk Careers
"Maybe you have not said all of these phrases, but you have said one of these, and you need to own up to it. Because all the #metoos of the world are not going to change things without you taking personal responsibility for the ways you put down other women."
misogyny  sexism  advice 
7 days ago by ddribin
The Disturbing Secret Behind An Iconic Cartoon: Underage Sexual Abuse
"Robyn Byrd and Katie Rice were teenage Ren & Stimpy fans who wanted to make cartoons. They say they were preyed upon by the creator of the show, John Kricfalusi, who admitted to having had a 16-year-old girlfriend when approached by BuzzFeed News."
7 days ago by ddribin

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