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laureljupiter: I’m looking at screenshots of this...
laureljupiter: “I’m looking at screenshots of this horde of furious girls and women destroying Joss Whedon on twitter and it’s so great Motherfucker you knew you were a misogynist and a fraud in 2002...
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5 days ago by sfriedenberg
The Universal Phenomenon of Men Interrupting Women - The New York Times
A ream of studies affirm such anecdotes. Researchers consistently find that women are interrupted more and that men dominate conversations and decision-making, in corporate offices, town meetings, school boards and the United States Senate.
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5 days ago by inspiral
Joss Whedon's 'Wonder Woman' Screenplay Is a Sexist Nightmare
Joss Whedon‘s unproduced Wonder Woman screenplay leaked online last month, appearing on sites like and Screenrant. Due to Whedon’s vocal love of Wonder Woman, many fans viewed it as a tantalizing Hollywood “what if” story. But for some reason, few people mentioned how catastrophically, awe-inspiringly terrible the screenplay actually is.
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6 days ago by theautomaticlady
"Because I Moved 5 Shirts"... Portrait Of An Unexpected Twitter Storm
I took the NASA shirts from the “boys” section from where they were prominently displayed, and put them little kid eye level next to tank tops in the “girls” section 20 feet away. And shared a pic of my tiny-scale, subversive, nonviolent, direct action.
As of right now when I post this essay, there have been 115,111 hearts. 23,000+ RTs. & 3000 comments to my account on twitter. Cross-postings, links, writers, cultural critics, so many folks weighing in. So many people amplifying how meaningful it is to disrupt the ways in which we undermine our children through gender stereotyping.
Someday I hope to organize all the responses so I can calculate the proportion of tweets for each of the key themes that emerged. But until then & because of cognitive biases in the human mind, I spent much of today grappling with the responses that were critical of my tweet.
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6 days ago by Quercki
The Universal Phenomenon of Men Interrupting Women - The New York Times
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7 days ago by jerryking

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