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We Need A Better Way To Talk About ‘Sexual Misconduct’ | FiveThirtyEight
Vague, umbrella terms make an already difficult conversation even harder.
Matt Lauer was fired last year from his job co-hosting NBC’s “Today” show in response to allegations of “sexual harassment.” Or was it “inappropriate sexual behavior”? Maybe “sexual misconduct.” These are all headlines about the same reports — just using different language to describe them. As the media scrambles to cover wave after wave of accusations, the variation in language is making an already difficult national conversation about what crosses the line even more so.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Freshly Remember'd: Kirk Drift
“There is no other way to put this: essentially everything about Popular Consciousness Kirk is bullshit. Kirk, as received through mass culture memory and reflected in its productive imaginary (and subsequent franchise output, including the reboot movies), has little or no basis in Shatner’s performance and the television show as aired. Macho, brash Kirk is a mass hallucination.”
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3 days ago by djwudi
Word embeddings quantify 100 years of gender and ethnic stereotypes | PNAS
"Word embeddings are a powerful machine-learning framework that represents each English word by a vector. The geometric relationship between these vectors captures meaningful semantic relationships between the corresponding words. In this paper, we develop a framework to demonstrate how the temporal dynamics of the embedding helps to quantify changes in stereotypes and attitudes toward women and ethnic minorities in the 20th and 21st centuries in the United States. We integrate word embeddings trained on 100 y of text data with the US Census to show that changes in the embedding track closely with demographic and occupation shifts over time. The embedding captures societal shifts—e.g., the women’s movement in the 1960s and Asian immigration into the United States—and also illuminates how specific adjectives and occupations became more closely associated with certain populations over time. Our framework for temporal analysis of word embedding opens up a fruitful intersection between machine learning and quantitative social science."
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3 days ago by cshalizi
What I Learned From the Fall of Ellen Pao | Dame Magazine
Pao’s regrets are many. That she doesn’t call out the issues early enough. That she advises her colleague not to lodge an official sexual harassment claim at work. That she is labeled ferociously by KPCB’s PR group as a ‘poor performer’. But losing the lawsuit isn’t one. Pao adds, “Losing my suit hurt…I could have received millions from Kleiner if I would just have signed a non-disparagement contract; I turned it down so I could finally share my story.”

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5 days ago by cglinka
Who Does She Think She Is?
The internet does not hate women. People hate women, and the internet allows them to do it faster, harder, and with impunity.
9 days ago by Pasanpr

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