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Document by azurejay
When Patrick was sixteen, he gave Joe fifty dollars and one of his wallet-sized school photos and a week later received his first fake ID. It said Patrick was twenty-one, and that his name was legally Patrick Martin Stumph, and that he was legally an M. "For male," he said to Kevin when he showed him the little plastic card.
bandom  fic  fob  long  drama  angst  sex!swap  trans  patrick/pete  rpf  a:azurejay 
september 2009 by weird_one
From Countess to Cabin Boy by formerlydf
To be fair, Brendon never truly intends to join the crew of a pirate ship. It just sort of... happens.

She's sitting at a table in the corner, sipping her water and trying to figure out where to go next, when a boy about her age sits down at the table with her.

"Have you ever considered a life of action and adventure on the high seas?" he asks her cheerfully.

Brendon stares at him. She also stares at his hair — at least, she thinks it's his hair. It could be some sort of weird, hair-like hat gone terribly, terribly wrong. "Um. What?"
bandom  fic  au  gsf  cobras  panic!  cabbies  tai  cross-bandom  long  always.a.girl  sex!swap  adventure  brendon/jon  rpf  a:formerlydf 
august 2009 by weird_one
Sweetheart of the Rodeo by thesamefire
Mikey accidentally has sex with everyone in her band. Except sometimes it's not an accident. Or even really sex.
bandom  fic  mcr  always.a.girl  sex!swap  het  c:bob.bryar  c:frank.iero  c:ray.toro  c:mikey.way  c:gerard.way  p:frank/mikey  p:mikey/ray  p:bob/mikey  p:gerard/mikey  rpf  a:thesamefire 
august 2009 by weird_one
Wuthering Heights and Stormy Nights by torakowalski
When Bry thought about her post-touring future, she always imagined herself crusading for truth, justice, and girls in the music scene. She'd picture herself managing female artists and female bands because that was where her passion lay, showing that girls had a place in the scene and a right to take it up. She never imagined My Chemical Romance.
bandom  fic  mcr  long  sex!swap  love.story  drama  kid!fic  always.a.girl  brian/bob  a:torakowalski  rpf 
june 2009 by weird_one
Punk Rock Princess by alex_boylove
Gabriela Saporta isn't some pop princess. From Humble Beginnings to Midtown to Cobra Starship, she lives life her own way and damn the consequences.
bandom  fic  tai  cobras  cross-bandom  long  sex!swap  always.a.girl  love.story  drama  c:gabe.saporta  c:william.beckett  p:gabe/william  rpf  a:alex_boylove 
june 2009 by weird_one
You Only See What I Let You See by frk_werewolf
"You're not ashamed of who you are," Ryan said forcibly. "If he can't handle the change you're going through or the fact that your physical body doesn't quite meet up with who you are on the inside then I'm not so sure I want him in this band."
bandom  fic  panic!  mcr  cross-bandom  sex!swap  trans  long-ish  joe/spencer  a:frk_werewolf  rpf  c:gerard.way 
october 2008 by weird_one
Leaving Albuquerque by chaosmanor
Andy was waiting, at the airport gate, when Suzy walked through the exit, and if there was any surprise in his eyes, it was immediately replaced by delight, and he hugged her quickly.
bandom  fic  fob  futurefic  angst  het  sex!swap  trans  long  a+  patrick/pete  a:chaosmanor  rpf 
september 2008 by weird_one
These Are the Best Days of Our Life by jezzabe
High School AU. 'Alex doesn't know why everyone at her high school wants Cash. Sure, she gets that he's charming, if you like brash arseholes. And he's not horrible looking, though those tattoos are in a class of their own.'
bandom  fic  cabbies  het  sex!swap  always.a.girl  highschool  au  c:alexd  c:cash.colligan  p:alexd/cash  rpf  a:jezzabe 
september 2008 by weird_one
Like I Had To Squint My Eyes by crystic
The morning that Mikey turns into a girl, Pete takes one look at his breasts and says “Congratulations, you are now five pounds heavier.”
bandom  fic  mcr  fob  cross-bandom  porn  sex!swap  het  gsf  b-job  mikey/pete  a:crystic  rpf 
august 2008 by weird_one
The Trials and Tribulations of a Lack of Education by formerlydf
Theoretically, Brendolyn knows that it's possible for girls to have an orgasm simply by using their own fingers. In practice, however, it isn't quite that easy.
bandom  fic  panic!  porn  het  sex!swap  always.a.girl  brendon/jon  rpf  a:formerlydf 
may 2008 by weird_one
Waiting For the Lights to Go by sathinks
The band makes it through another album and two and a half years of no-break, balls-to-the-wall touring before they finally take a breath.
bandom  fic  mcr  cross-bandom  sex!swap  always.a.girl  het  bob.bryar  a:sathinks  rpf 
april 2008 by weird_one
And Weather in the Heart Alike by carleton97
The first time Bob ever sees Trish, he can't actually see her at first. He's twenty, home from school for Thanksgiving, and his buddy Kyle drags him out to a club to see some band that sucks.
bandom  fic  fob  mcr  cross-bandom  sex!swap  always.a.girl  het  first.time  bob/patrick  rpf  a:carleton97 
march 2008 by weird_one
stepps: Masterlist: Genderswap
I'm talking about genderswap. Genderswitch. Genderfuck. Whatever you want to call it. Time for another masterlist, kids!
bandom  recs  list  sex!swap  rpf 
march 2008 by weird_one
Not a Pretty Girl by idyll
The make up woman tells Bob, "Your boys are going to love it!"

Bob really fucking hopes not, otherwise she'll have to kill them. Slowly.
bandom  fic  mcr  gen  tour!fic  sex!swap  always.a.girl  series  bob.bryar  a:idyll  rpf 
february 2008 by weird_one
Mysterious Ways by etben
"Just - sometimes we're guys, and sometimes we're girls, you know?" Ray stares at him. "No, Gee," he says. "We really, really don't." It does kind of explain a few things, though.
bandom  fic  mcr  sex!swap  crack!  threesome  c:pete.wentz  c:mikey.way  c:gerard.way  p:mikey/pete/alica  p:gerard/mikey/lyn-z  rpf  a:etben 
december 2007 by weird_one
pearl_o: a pearl-o and etben kidfic genderswap production
Pete's hand is always slipped just underneath the waist of Mikey's jeans, or just touching the warm skin of her back, in the gap her ill-fitting t-shirt leaves above her pants. By the middle of the summer, they've been caught making out in pretty much eve
bandom  fic  fob  mcr  warped'05  sex!swap  always.a.girl  kid!fic  het  mikey/pete  patrick/pete  a:pearl_o  rpf  a:etben 
november 2007 by weird_one
Woman Like a Man by longtime_lurker
Pete wakes up feeling a little displaced in his own body. But then, Pete frequently feels a little displaced in his own body, so he doesn't give it a second thought.
bandom  fic  fob  het  sex!swap  tour!fic  patrick/pete  rpf  a:longtime_lurker 
october 2007 by weird_one

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