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The secret language of plants - Endrina
“Just… tell me. Tell me what is going on, Snape.”
What was going on was that Severus Snape had no trouble tracking down one Petunia Evans, now Dursley, to a little town in Surrey where he saw how exactly she was treating her nephew. Which somehow led to last night and Severus knocking on Lupin’s door with a toddler half-asleep in his arms.
lovely  longtimespan  hp  alternatereality  friendstolovers  char:severus  severus/remus  harry+remus  slowbuild  harry+severus  family!  firsttime  c:200-400k  sweet  they'rekids!  pregnancy  char:remus  secrets!  adopt!/takecareof! 
april 2019 by floatondown
The loss of magic had started, as do many things like it, with good intentions. The past century, it was reasoned, had been overshadowed by two of the worst Dark Lords in history. What better way, then, to make sure it never happened again than to stop it before it started? After all it was a well-known fact that those with an affinity for Dark Magic were born with it, so why not tackle the problem at the source? The Department of Mysteries were set on the problem, and two years after the final death of the Dark Lord Voldemort, they released their solution into the world.

It worked for all of two months before the magical disease began to mutate beyond their wildest nightmares.
harrypotter  au  timetravel  fixit  harry/draco/neville  severus/remus  james/lily/sirius  threesome  soulmates  world!building  omgihatedumbledore  powerful!harry  polygamy  parseltongue!fic  epic  long  complete  on!ao3 
october 2017 by Severusslave
The Pain of Misunderstanding - Betsanne
Harry Potter is in love with Severus and Remus, who are together. Before he graduates, Harry Potter spends the night with them. Hurt and in pain because he thinks his feelings aren't returned, Harry leaves Hogwarts. Harry finds out that he is pregnant. Will he tell Severus and Remus? Is there any hope for the three men?
hp  harry/severus  severus/remus  harry/severus/remus  mpreg  unread 
february 2016 by floatondown
Ink Stained Fingers | Archive of Our Own
Ink Stained Fingers is an all-slash/femslash collection of Harry Potter stories and artwork imported from the original Ink Stained Fingers archive.
hp  harry/severus  severus/remus  harry/draco  harry/cedric  archive  unread 
june 2015 by floatondown
Just A Little Late - KiroAngel - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Remus Lupin always thought he would be lonely. What with being a werewolf, how could he possibly not? It seems that he is destined to never find happiness, not even when he receives his Soul Mark at sixteen years old. It takes him another twenty eight years to be with his love but, he thinks, it is still worth it. Because he isn't destined to be alone after all.
fic  HarryPotter  Severus/Remus  soulmates!au 
april 2015 by kuiskata
You Never Know - Stasia - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Severus was sorted into Gryffindor and Remus into Slytherin. This simple change shifts many parts of the story, from large to small.
fic  HarryPotter  Severus/Remus  Severus/Sirius  au  character:RemusLupin  character:Sirius  character:JamesPotter  character:PeterPettigrew  character:SeverusSnape 
october 2014 by kuiskata
Gift - yeaka - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Students Remus and Regulus are naughty omegas, and they’re given to betas to be taught a lesson.
omegaverse  puppyplay  bdsm  blowjob  hp  severus/remus  james/regulus  dubiousconsent  sirius/remus  d/s  copytofile  humiliation 
august 2013 by kitsune_kitana
Blood Magic - GatewayGirl - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it's wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate -- or love.
HP  Severus/Remus  Severitus  lj  author:GatewayGirl  Harry/Hermione  250.000+  rating:m 
january 2013 by nymeriahale
Someone to Save - olimakiella - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Severus has always been a smart man. His latest accomplishment can testify to that. A passing glance into his - rather shorter than hoped for - future shows him that he has made wrong decisions about more than one thing in his life. He now knows that the rapidly upcoming war is going to bring about a devastation like the world has never seen and death to hundreds of people, including himself. Dumbledore continually tells him that Harry Potter needs the love in his heart to save the world. That isn’t normally a problem, since Potter has a crippling Hero Complex, but now the Wizarding World is turning against their saviour and Harry Potter is losing what love he had fast. He’s not so sure he wants to save it anymore. Therefore, Severus gives him something to save.
fic  HarryPotter  au  timetravel  Ron/Blaise  Severus/Remus  character:HarryPotter  character:DracoMalfoy  character:RonWeasley  character:BlaiseZabini  character:RemusLupin  character:Dumbledore  Harry/Draco  character:SeverusSnape  character:HermioneGranger 
november 2012 by kuiskata
Turning Pages for New Worlds - Chapter 1 - osmalic - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
There's only so much Remus and Severus can hide from their son: his past, his magic, his heritage. Then two so-called rangers force them to accept that the world they're hiding from may be closer than they think. (Remus and Severus escape to America with Teddy--fast forward around ten years later.)
fic  au  HarryPotter  crossover  Supernatural  character:TeddyLupin  character:SamWinchester  character:DeanWinchester  character:RemusLupin  Severus/Remus  character:SeverusSnape 
may 2012 by kuiskata
The Heart of the Sea
After the war, Snape must leave the Wizarding World. He's not the only one. (Merpeople.)
angsty  romance  post-hogwarts  severus/remus  mpreg  non-human:mermaid! 
february 2012 by floatondown
More Than Fantasy - RachelW
Fast and furious, secretive and stolen; that’s how it was at the start, if you asked me how it came to be. || Remus Lupin tells, in his own words, how he, Severus, and Hermione came to be together.
romance  angsty  severus/remus  hermione/severus  hermione/severus/remus  post-hogwarts  ot3  polyamory! 
january 2012 by floatondown

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