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Building and testing Android, with Gradle, Robolectric and Espresso - Bouvet Norge
Bouvet er et norsk konsulentselskap som bistår bedrifter og samfunnsaktører i alle bransjer. Bouvet designer, utvikler, forvalter og gir råd om IT-løsninger og digital kommunikasjon.
test  project  setup  android  espresso  unit  robolectric 
yesterday by lgtout
Air Compressor, Line Setup and How to Use Air Tools for Beginners - YouTube ;;;
tags: Air Compressor Line Setup and How to Use Tools for Beginners - YouTube video SeeJaneDrill ;;;
Air  Compressor  Line  Setup  and  How  to  Use  Tools  for  Beginners  -  YouTube  video  SeeJaneDrill 
2 days ago by neerajsinghvns
My Modern PHP Development Setup · John Mackenzie | Software Engineer
Use a Makefile and make good use of it
Run everything in Docker
Use CS Fixer To Adhere To Coding Standards
Use PHP Stan
Syncronise your team IDE’s with .editorconfig
php  development  modern  setup 
2 days ago by wjy
First Installation · RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup Wiki · GitHub
Shell script to set up a Raspberry Pi/Odroid/PC with RetroArch emulator and various cores - RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup
retropie  setup  getting.started  installation 
5 days ago by aexel
GitHub - schollz/raspberry-pi-turnkey: How to make a Raspberry Pi image that can be deployed anywhere and assigned to a WiFi network without SSH
How to make a Raspberry Pi image that can be deployed anywhere and assigned to a WiFi network without SSH :ok_hand: - schollz/raspberry-pi-turnkey
raspberrypi  wifi  tools  setup  howto  guide  linux 
6 days ago by trevormeier

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