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shusu: The River Sanzu Overflows
REC: A futurefic where Will and Bran have become young men and so have the Troopers. Will Stanton is on vacation in Japan when he is once again drawn into the world of magic and power, struggling for his very existence against an unknown foe with the help of old and new friends. The atmosphere and writing of this story is strongly reminiscent of the Dark Is Rising books. It has the same lyrical and thoughtful atmosphere and the countryside and its myths and legends has the same importance to the plot. This strong connection between particular places, myths and legends, and the plotline is also one of the major components of YST and in this story Shusu manages to merge these two very different canons into a cohesive whole. One where Eastern and Western magic and myth meet and enrich each other. It's an absolutely wonderful story and has been a favourite of mine for years. (2013-06-20)
QUOTE: The cherry blossoms flickered down like raindrops in the sun. Will Stanton moved through the park, watching the families and couples conversing under the strange shower. The atmosphere was peaceful despite the continuous throb of traffic and the occasional blast of music.
Will had become a traveler of many years, mostly on his eldest brother Stephen’s encouragement. Once or twice annually he took a week’s holiday to another place in the world. Sometimes the only notice his family received was a postcard from an exotic destination, at times arriving when Will had already settled back into his stuffy office. Partly it was to break the routine. Partly it was to sate the ache of loneliness in his heart.
The youngest and the last. Had they really all gone away? He had come to know so few in the Circle, scattered throughout the world as they were. This was when the Dark was rising. Then the Dark was driven back, and they had all departed, all but Will himself. A futile hope, but it drove him. It was the human part which sometimes recoiled from the wisdom he was privy to.
He sighed. Everywhere in Kyoto there were whispers of Old Magic, yet no one met his eye and knew him. It filled him with a longing so fierce that he wondered why he continued to chase the feeling.
Will came to a stop. A gnarled stone dragon peered at him fiercely. A stream of people separated it from its twin on the other side of the stairs. These two had stood parallel like this for hundreds of years, guardians of the temple beyond, facing the same way but never meeting. Will felt a pang. He remembered a postcard sitting on his desk. 'The sky’s not the same elsewhere, bachgen. Perhaps on a lark, someday. The hills have grown on me, isn’t that funny?'
Slowly he climbed the stone steps. A girl in long robes cleaned the stone lanterns as the sparse crowd moved in and out of the main building and the small temple shops. Glistening with rainwater, flared eaves sheltered wooden murals of fantastic beasts. Trees both ornamental and wild drew the eye skyward, enclosing the square. The air was thick with incense, soft hand claps, and murmured prayers like waves on a calm sea. He stopped before a tree laden with paper prayer strips. They were like the cherry blossoms, ready to fall.
Suddenly he was jostled from behind. Startled, he almost lost his balance on the slick stones, but a strong hand caught his arm and righted him. "Suman-" began the boy. No, he was a man, only a little younger than Will. He had the deepest blue hair he’d ever seen. The unruly mop managed to stand out in a crowd with some dyed blonds and reds and greens. "Ah. Sorry?" He tried in English.
Will shook his head. "No, it’s all right." They were both looking hard at each other, he realized. His heart rose: he sensed something beyond the affable expression and worn denim jacket. Yet it wasn’t quite right. This wasn’t what he was looking for. Of course not, how could it be?
The other blinked first. He held out a strip of paper. "Here. Do you have a wish?"
"To find someone," Will blurted, then wondered why he’d said it. The Old One in him continued to stir, inexplicably. (c. 35,000 words)
author:shusu  fandom:Dark.Is.Rising  fandom:Yoroiden.Samurai.Troopers  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:crossover  fic:source:book  fic:source:anime  activity:sightseeing  activity:rescue  beings:ghosts  concept:esp:telepathy  concept:magic  concept:quest  concept:supernatural  things:dreams  things:memories  things:mirrors  setting:on.vacation  geography:Asia:Japan  pairing:Bran.Davies/Will.Stanton(primary)  pov:Will.Stanton  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2004  recced:2013-06  time:future  pairing:Hashiba.Touma/Anubis(secondary)  trooper:Hashiba.Touma  trooper:Sanada.Ryo  trooper:Date.Seiji  masho:Anubis  trooper:Muori.Shin  trooper:Xiu.Lei.Huang 
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fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Stairway to Heaven
REC: The one where Gerard accidentally taps into the memories of an angel and stumbles into the middle of a millenia-long doomed romance. A lovely story that's not even half as cheesy as the summary makes it sound. The characterisations are really good, both of the main characters and of the secondary ones. I have a great weakness for quest plots so I loved reading about Gerard's travels and his attempts at understanding what was happening to him. And his and Grant's road trip across the US in search of Frank was wonderful. Such a beautiful and satisfying story. I feel I want to read it again right now. (2013-01-06) Most Satisfying Quest OT3 AU of 2013: Because of a) the excellent characterisations of both the main and secondary characters, b) the quest Gerard embarks on to try and understand what's happening to him and to find the angel whose life he's dreaming about, c) Gerard and Grant's road trip across the US, and d) The deeply satisfying ending. (2014-02-06)
QUOTE: He wanders around for a while until a docent greets him hesitantly in Italian. Gerard's own Italian was never terribly good, but he responds as best he can. At the very least, the words are all the correct ones. Who knows how many rules of grammar he completely forgot, though.
Apparently his crappy grammar makes the docent laugh, and he agrees to show Gerard around. He mentions an earthquake multiple times, apologizing that so many areas of the basilica are closed. "But I can recommend the garden," he says.
Gerard is disappointed he can't explore the inside more thoroughly. There's something in there. Something important. He just knows. But he smiles and lets the docent lead him to the garden. It really is a lovely garden and when Gerard catches the docent checking the time, he asks if perhaps he can stay and pray. The docent nods and scurries back the way he led Gerard.
Gerard loses track of how long he spends in prayer, but when he opens his eyes he knows somehow that he'll see a little carved bird somewhere nearby. There's little alcove near him with a statue of Francis standing watch over the gardens. On the wall near the base is where Gerard finally sees it.
"I knew you'd be here," Gerard whispers. He kneels at the base of the statue and reaches out to touch the carving. The same pulse as in Paris happens, maybe even stronger, and this time he's not surprised. He closes his eyes and whispers a little prayer, "It started with you, I think. Maybe you can help?"
He opens his eyes and his vision swims. For a moment it's like he can see himself, kneeling at the foot of the statue. He turns, slowly, still on his knees, and sees a man standing in the middle of the garden. Not just a man - an unspeakably beautiful one. With wings. He looks around himself, a look of astonishment growing on his face. He looks back at Gerard.
"Who are you? How did I get here? Because I sure as hell didn't travel to Assisi in my sleep and I haven't been back here in over two hundred fucking years."
Gerard blinks. The double vision is worse now. He can see the the man - angel? he certainly doesn't sound like an angel - overlaid somehow, bizarrely, on his own shocked face. "Do you think I know? Do you think I know anything?" Then he pauses. "In your sleep?" he murmurs. "A dream, another dream."
"No, this isn't a fucking dream. I know dreams and I know visions. So since I'm not actually in Assisi this must be a vision. Your vision." And just like that, the man looks gravely concerned and his tone changes. "Are you all right? Do you need help? You must have called for my help."
"I didn't," Gerard whispers. "I mean, I didn't mean to, I didn't think... that anyone was listening."
"But I am," the angel says gently. "It doesn't take much to bring me if you really do need me."
"I'm not sure of anything," Gerard chokes out.
"Fuck," the angel says. "I'm sorry." Gerard's hands go into his hair.
"Why is this happening to me? I just want my fucking dreams back." (58,240 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:crossover  activity:drinking  activity:drug.use  beings:Grant.Morrison  beings:angels  beings:demons  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:polyamory  concept:quest  concept:religion  concept:sobriety  concept:esp:psychic.healing  occupation:priest/monk  things:dreams  things:memories  relationship:brothers  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  smut:handjob  smut:threesome  setting:on.vacation  setting:road.trip  geography:US:New.Jersey  geography:Europe:Italy  geography:UK:Scotland  geography:US:San.Fransisco  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Ray(secondary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  pov:Grant.Morrison  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-01  recced:2013-01  things:wings  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
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girlintheband: Without Mythologies
REC: Gerard visits Japan. I love the silence and quietness of this, how introspective Gerard is, the feeling that he's mulling things over and making a decision, that this trip will be some kind of turning point, and how present Frank is through it all. An absolutely beautiful story! (2008-11-30)
QUOTE: gerard browses for nearly three hours, until suddenly he looks at his phone and realises it's already gone nine p.m. he's suddenly starving. he eats vegetable tempura udon perched on a bar stool at a wooden bench in a noodle shop down the end of the main street, probably a good five blocks away from the station. he practically gets shooed out of the store when he's finished, and when he looks back from the doorway, another customer has already taken his seat. on the train back to the station near his hotel, gerard sifts through the bags he's accumulated, going back over the evening's purchases. he catalogues them in his mind, filing them away for when he gets back home. (2,380 words)
author:girlintheband  fandom:Bandom  activity:sightseeing  relationship:established  setting:on.vacation  geography:Asia:Japan  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  posted:2008-01  recced:2008-11  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary) 
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harriet_vane: Best Days (Forever Now 'verse 3)
REC: A week at the beach with the Schechter-Way household, or Having a drama queen for an older brother sucks sometimes. More in the Adoption 'verse (takes place after 'Star Shaped' and its codas). Hilariously funny and touching and sweet. (2008-02-17)
QUOTE: The brisk breeze blowing in from the water smelled like fish and salt water. The beach stretched up to the nearest town in one direction, past endless beach houses and private beaches, and disappeared around a sharp curve the other way. "I've got sand in my shoes," Mikey complained.
"I will throw you in the water if you don't stop complaining," Brendon replied. "We're at the beach, Mikey!"
Mikey grumbled, "Do we have to be outside the *whole* time?"
"Yes. Absolutely every single second," Brendon said. "First we're going to swim. Then we're going to lie in the sun and tan. And *tonight* we're going to build a campfire and play guitars and eat s'mores and you are going to *love* it."
"I don't want to get a tan," said Mikey. "What if I get stung by a jellyfish? What if there's a riptide? Frank says there are sharks."
"Right," said Brendon, "that's it." He grabbed Mikey and hoisted him over his shoulder. Mikey squealed and flailed, but he weighed a little less than absolutely nothing.
"Brendon! Put me down!" Mikey ordered. Gerard and Frank had come running out of the house. Gerard looked sort of like he wanted to intervene, but Frank was laughing and wouldn't let him.
"I said no more complaining," Brendon said. "We're on vacation. Vacation is *fun*." He waded determinedly out in to the surf. His sneakers squished and the water dragged at his jeans. The waves came crashing out and staggered him back a couple of steps, which meant he nearly dropped Mikey right there.
"I'll stop, I'll stop," Mikey promised. He kicked a little.
"Throw him!" Frank yelled.
"This is for your own good," said Brendon solemnly. He waded out a little further and dumped Mikey in the surf.
It wasn't very deep; Mikey landed underwater and immediately bobbed back up, sputtering in shock. His glasses hadn't even fallen off. "You suck!" he said, and threw himself at Brendon. (7,710 words)
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author:harriet_vane  fandom:Bandom  universe:Forever.Now.verse  beings:teenagers  concept:family  concept:ordinary.lives  occupation:manager  relationship:brothers  relationship:established  setting:on.vacation  setting:beach/lake/ocean  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Brendon/Ryan(secondary)  pairing:Jon/Spencer(secondary)  pov:Brendon  posted:2008-02  recced:2008-02  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
august 2008 by turlough
iphignia939: Any Objective Source
REC: The one where Frank and Gerard do Christmas in Japan. This is such a wonderful story. Quiet and atmospheric and just beautiful. (2007-11-04)
QUOTE: There must've been a serious miscommunication, though, because the next time Frank opened his eyes, it was six in the morning. He scrubbed at his face and started to lean over to shake Gerard awake, then said fuck it.
He showered, changed clothes, and gone out to get coffee before he bought a map of the train system and spent fifteen minutes figuring out where they needed to exit. He thought about getting breakfast, then changed his mind when he saw what breakfast consisted of. When they went out, if Gerard decided he wanted his eggs over rice, great, but no way was Frank inflicting that on him without asking first.
In Frank's opinion, few things in Japan were as great as convenience stores. They were like their American cousins in that they sold drinks and snacks and magazines - you know, nothing surprising - but they didn't stop there; ohhhh, no. They also sold DVDs, fresh fruits and vegetables, manga (including some of the shrink-wrapped MA+ ones, which he picked up for Jamia, because if he didn't come back with Yamane Ayano for her she'd kill him), and emergency clothes. You know, in case something happened, like spilling something on your shirt at lunch or if you needed a change of clothes on the way to work the next day after spending the night with someone two offices over. It was *great*. Compared to that, Wal-Mart was disappointing.
In addition to the manga, the coffee, and the map, Frank had a small green canister in one hand. He'd seen the display over by the back wall, next to the DVD racks.
It was something called Ma-Mail. If the sporadic English was correct, it was a small plant that grew when you opened it, sort of like nature's own Chia Pet. It lasted three or four weeks from the time it was opened, and it had a little message written on it. It was cute, kind of lame, and exactly the sort of thing Gerard would love. (9,400 words)
author:iphignia939  fandom:Bandom  activity:sightseeing  holiday:Christmas  concept:polyamory  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  setting:on.vacation  geography:Asia:Japan  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  posted:2007-10  recced:2007-11  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  !!FAVOURITE.FIC  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary) 
august 2008 by turlough

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