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javascript - execute the first time the setInterval without delay - Stack Overflow
function foo() {
// do stuff
// ...

// and schedule a repeat
setTimeout(foo, delay);

// start the cycle
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october 2014 by outkast
Does JavaScript setInterval() method cause memory leak? - Stack Overflow
tl;dr IMO there is no memory leak. The positive slope is simply the effect of setInterval and setTimeout. The garbage is collected, as seen by sawtooth patterns, meaning by definition there is no memory leak. (I think).
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september 2014 by coffeebucket
Avoiding JavaScript setTimeout and setInterval Problems | OnSIP
We quite simply have to subject them to the same delays. We do this by setting exactly one global timed function and implementing a function queue such that when a function’s given time target is reached, we execute it.
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august 2014 by coffeebucket
javascript - setTimeout or setInterval? - Stack Overflow
The difference is subtle, I believe the setInterval code executes every 1000ms exactly, while the setTimeout waits 1000ms, runs the function, which takes some ms, then sets another timeout. So the wait period is actually greater than 1000ms.
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august 2014 by coffeebucket

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