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Bill Binney: NSA Has 32 Pages of Communications Between Seth Rich and Julian Assange 21 APR Richard Charnin April 21, 2019
From Mark F. McCarty in About six months ago, a blogpost by “Publius Tacitus” appeared regarding attorney Ty Clevenger’s FOIA request regarding Seth Rich:
“But now there is new information that may corroborate what the human sources quoted in the Fox article claimed about Seth’s role in getting the DNC documents to Wikileaks. Borne from a FOIA request filed in November 2017 by attorney Ty Clevenger, who requested any information regarding Seth Rich and Julian Assange. The NSA informed Clevenger in a letter dated 4 October 2018 that:

Your request has been processed under the provisions of the FOIA. Fifteen documents (32 pages) responsive to your request have been reviewed by this Agency as required by the FOIA and have found to be currently and properly classified in accordance with Executive Order 13526. These documents meet the criteria for classification as set forth in Subparagraph © of Section 1.4 and remains classified TOP SECRET and SECRET.”

Here’s what Binney says: “Ty Clevenger has FOIAed information from NSA asking for any data that involved both Seth Rich and also Julian Assange. And they responded by saying we’ve got 15 files, 32 pages, but they’re all classified in accordance with executive order 13526 covering classification, and therefore you can’t have them. That says that NSA has records of communications between Seth Rich and Julian Assange. I mean, that’s the only business that NSA is in — copying communications between people and devices”.

If Binney is interpreting this correctly — and bear in mind that, not only is he extraordinarily bright, but he is sometimes referred to as “the father of the NSA” — this provides strong support for the hypothesis that Seth was indeed Wikileaks’ source for the DNC emails it published. Assange has strongly hinted at this.
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Deep State Have Finally Met their Match – Ed Butowsky – Forbidden Knowledge TV
The next day, Butowsky contacted Joel and Mary Rich and told them, “Julian wanted you to know that the emails came from Seth, your son and that they were uploaded to him and…he knew that the Washington police were not going to help find who the murderer was.”

Joel Rich replied that they already knew that both of their sons, Seth and Aaron were involved in the DNC leak but that he was reluctant to go public with their role in the leaks because, as Progressive Democrats, they didn’t “want anyone to think our sons were responsible for getting Trump elected.” They did, however want to know who murdered their son and they asked Butowsky to contact them if he ever learned anything new.
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A couple of major themes emerge in the tweets of the accounts that continued to spread conspiracy narrati…
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Retweet network for "Seth Rich"/. The network separates into two major clusters of accounts; one consists…
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Seth Rich / Russian propaganda
Hoax story about Rich being assassinated was planted by Russian intelligence, with the help of Fox News
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5 weeks ago by nelson
Is Pizzagate Real Or Is Pizzagate Fake News : The History, Greater Implications, And Reality By Roy MacGregor
The history of this scandal is older than the vast majority of people reading it, and that’s just based on what we can find. Way back in 1977, May 16th to be precise, The Chicago Tribune ran with the headline, “Chicago is the center of national child porno ring.”15 By all means, check that footnote. The articles in the edition are largely dedicated to exposing the underground world of child prostitution, child pornography, and child trafficking. Also in that edition are articles titled, “US Orders Hearings on Child Pornography,” “Child Sex: Square Block in New Town Tells it All,” and “Police Hunt 26 in Child Porno Ring.” The most interesting thing about that series of articles is where, on page 8, section two, column 3, it mentions “more than 30,000 index cards listing clients around the country, some of them prominent people and some federal employees in Washington.” The Dallas police handed that list of clients to the State Department because they thought it should be in the hands of a federal agency. What did the State Department do? They destroyed the whole thing. That’s what you should do with a list of people who commit crimes against children, right? Their excuse was, “… the cards were not relevant to any fraud case concerning a passport.”

The common thread in all of the child sex trafficking cases about which anything at all is printed is journalists or citizens bringing the crimes to the attention of law enforcement, law enforcement doing nearly nothing, and judges and politicians covering the whole thing up. We saw it with the Jimmy Savile case in Britain,16 we saw it with the Franklin cover-up,17 we saw it with the Duroux affair,18 we saw it with the Jerry Sandusky case,19 the Gasy case,20 and on, and on. It’s gotten to be a predictable cycle of events that seems to pop up every so often to enrage people, then be quickly forgotten once a sacrificial scapegoat is offered to the masses as a token of appeasement. In fact, we can’t seem to find a prominent pedophile case where there wasn’t an extensive and well-documented cover up. Not only is the preceding cover up normal, so too is the light sentence of a single perpetrator for crimes that obviously involve more than one person. As a reader, please send us any information you have in any case that does not follow that pattern because we would like to believe that this isn’t the case.

Taking the Franklin cover up as a case in point, the Discovery Channel made an hour-long documentary that showed the machinations of a massive pedophile ring that touched government at the highest level. That documentary, called Conspiracy of Silence, was never allowed to air. The production costs for the documentary were refunded to the producers, but by whom still remains undetermined. You need not take our word for it. Watch the rough cut. There are countless examples floating around YouTube which get deleted all the time. We’ll even link one here for you to watch.
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april 2019 by juandante
I certainly hope is aware of their own role in the and shit. They pushed that c…
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Sic Semper Tyrannis : DNC Emails--A Seth Attack Not a Russian Hack by Publius Tacitus
The interest in Seth’s death took a dramatic turn when Wikileaks dumped the contents of DNC emails on its website on July 22, 2016. In order to put the Wikileaks theory regarding Seth’s death in proper perspective, we must review events in the prior months connected to the Hillary Clinton and DNC email controversies.

Seth Rich will go down in history, fairly or unfairly, linked to the debate surrounding Hillary Clinton’s missing and/or classified emails. During her time as Secretary of State, Hillary used a private server and sent thousands of messages over that server. This included emails containing Top Secret material.
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october 2018 by astrogirl
So Why Does the NSA Have 32 Pages of Secret/Top Secret Documents on Seth Rich?
You’ll note that the alleged FBI analysis of Seth’s laptop claims that Seth had indicated he had friends who were aware of his drop box. One of these friends might have been Shawn Lucas, the process server for the lawsuit against the DNC. About a month after Seth’s murder, Lucas died mysteriously of a drug overdose involving multiple potent drugs. Quite a mysterious death for someone not known to abuse drugs. It has also been pointed out that the DNC made large payments to Crowdstrike the day after the murders of both Seth and Shawn. Sheer coincidence? Maybe.
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october 2018 by astrogirl
Seth Rich: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Seth Conrad Rich’s unsolved murder on a Washington D.C. street has sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories because he was a staffer and self-described data analyst for the Democratic National Committee...
WikiLeaks is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in Rich’s death (that’s in addition to a previous $25,000 reward being offered in the case).

Rich, 27, who worked for the DNC on voting issues, was shot and killed in Washington D.C., and his murder remains mysterious. “Police have found little information to explain his death,” said The New York Daily News.

Conspiracy theories are raging about Rich’s death because of his DNC employment and also the lack of an obvious motive, eyewitnesses, or suspect in the case. Rich, 27, was shot on July 10, 2016 at 4:15 in the morning near a Washington D.C. neighborhood where he lived, said CBS News. Some are also raising questions about the August death of Shawn Lucas, who served the DNC with a lawsuit alleging fraud in the presidential race.

However, Lucas’ death was eventually labeled an accident as a result of a combination of drugs, including kratom.
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july 2018 by juandante
Reddit posts for MeGrimlock4 - Seth Rich
TIL that Google CEO, Larry Page, has a health condition that is slowly removing his ability to speak. by pablostarter in todayilearned

[–]MeGrimlock4 1 point 1 year ago

My mother actually had a very similar issues, though hers has progressed much slower. She thinks it started before I was born but wasn't really noticable to other until the last 15-20 years. I can tell a difference from when I was younger and I feel like a slight difference when I go home, but I don't pick up on it on the ohone. One of her vocal chords is paralysed (that's how it was explained to me, may not be medically accurate) so her voices gets worn out quickly. She also has a pretty bad cough as a result of it.
march 2018 by astrogirl
BREAKING: Another DNC staffer found dead in DC | Third Estate Newsgroup
Another DNC staffer has been found dead, adding to the mystery surrounding Seth Rich’s murder last year. The circumstances of the latest killing make it all too intriguing for those who have consistently sought for the truth behind Rich’s death.

Former DNC data operation specialist Daniel Severn was found in an alley off of U St. in Washington DC on Monday morning. A police source reports that Severn’s throat was slit, yet none of his personal belongings had been taken. According to Metro Police, Severn’s expected time of death occurred around 4 AM on Monday morning, and his body was discovered by a construction worker at approximately 7 AM the same day.
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