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rfc5077/rfc5077-client.c at master · vincentbernat/rfc5077
Various tools for testing RFC 5077. Contribute to vincentbernat/rfc5077 development by creating an account on GitHub.
tls  session  ticket  ssl  http  performance 
26 days ago by vrobin
Home - Session
Complete photo session booking platform.
Whether you're looking to create and manage single sessions, mini sessions, or workshops, do it all with Session, a fully integrated booking platform.
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5 weeks ago by sebbi
ntlm - Python Requests: follow a link - Stack Overflow
import requests
from requests_ntlm import HttpNtlmAuth

username = 'myUser'
password = 'myPswd'
url = 'https://NTLMwebsite/'
nextPage = 'https://NTLMwebsite/base/'

s = requests.Session()

s.auth = HttpNtlmAuth(username, password)

r1 = s.get(url)
python  session  authentication  requests  programming  Scripting 
5 weeks ago by catichenor
Python requests deep dive – Anthony Shaw – Medium
import requests
import json

with requests.Session() as sess:
my_data = {
'server': '1234'
sess.headers['Authorization'] = 'Bearer dfg90823jrofiowfi4-0r'
response ='', json=my_data)
data = sess.get('').json()
python  requests  json  session  Scripting  programming 
5 weeks ago by catichenor

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