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The Service Worker Cookbook
The Service Worker Cookbook is a collection of working, practical examples of using service workers in modern web sites.
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5 days ago by rretsiem
Service worker resources
"At the end of my new book, Going Offline, I have a little collection of resources relating to service workers. Here’s how I introduce them […] It always feels a little strange to publish a list of hyperlinks in a physical book, so I figured I’d republish them here for easy access"
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9 days ago by garrettc
A Tale of Four [Browser] Caches
About Memory, HTTP/Disk, Push and Service Worker caches
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21 days ago by delambo
Workbox  |  Google Developers
JavaScript Libraries for adding offline support to web apps
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4 weeks ago by scottgruber
Strategies for Service Worker Caching for Progressive Web Apps
Service Worker caching can mess up a broken deployment. Here we look at various caching strategies to prevent service-worker.js to be cached and best practices for caching in a PWA react app.
serviceworker  caching  strategies 
4 weeks ago by trodrigues

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