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Councils struggling to cope with surge in child protection referrals | Society | The Guardian
[UK austerity will be costly later on to clean up. and as proven again and again, deadly. ] Councils are increasingly only able to address “critical” situations and help the most at-risk children instead of carrying out vital preventive work to stop domestic violence and its devastating impact on victims, said the organisation that represents 370 councils in England and Wales.
UK  Austerity  Council  child  protection  services  DWP  ESA  JSA  homelessness  homeless  Sociology  nasty  party  Conservative  JAM  Theresa  May  Brexit 
22 hours ago by asterisk2a
On Demand Lawn Mowing, Snow Plowing & Leaf Removal | PLOWZ and MOWZ
Your on-demand solution for your
most burdensome home chores
house  services  snow  mow 
2 days ago by jeffjensen – Snow Clearing has never been so easy.
SnoHub has created an automated snow clearing service for home owners and snow clearing contractors that makes snow clearing easy, convenient and completely hassle free, You can now order snow clearing any time you want from the comfort of your App.

No long term commitments, snow clearing on demand.
house  services  snow 
2 days ago by jeffjensen
MemberXP - Your credit union's member experience is your only brand differentiator. MemberXP is the next step in your member experience evolution.
Omnichannel Voice of Member surveys and mystery shopping with powerful, online analytics for creating an extraordinary credit union member experience.
vendor  credit_unions  services 
2 days ago by enslrhs82
Redhill Education
RedHill Education Limited (RedHill) was founded in 2006, and listed with the Australian Securities Exchange in 2010. The organisation operates a number of specialist businesses in the private tertiary education market in Australia.
education  services  ml  AUSTRALIA 
4 days ago by shalmaneser
[SOLUTION] Condense multiple file servers into DFS system
Install FSMT on your target server.
Rename your old fileserver(s). So I just did B-FS1old.domain.local.
Launch DFS consolidation wizard and point it to your DFS server root. Then give it the file server you want to consolidate onto DFS. So new server is B-FS1, and old is B-FS1old. It'll do it's thing real quick and give a confirmation that it's ready.
Launch FSMT and checkmark that you're consolidating DFS. Next you'll see your old server listed (B-FS1old). Select it, and do a file migration just as you would any other time.
When it's finished you'll have a DFS namespace that matches the old file server name as well as a DNS entry that points to the DFS server instead of the file server. So now UNC paths didn't change but they are all hitting the new file server.
migrate  migration  microsoft  windows  server  2003  2008  20012  2016  r2  file  services  tool  method  procedure 
4 days ago by jgear
Email, calendar, and contacts APIs that power your app | Nylas Cloud
The Nylas Cloud API powers your application with email, calendar & contacts features. Built-in features for better email, calendar, and contact management.
api  cloudcomputing  integration  services 
4 days ago by cera
'Aadhaar took away whatever we were getting'
This is a powerful (and alarming) report on another angle of how Aadhaar fails besides data protection politics: Due to mismanagement and supposedly smaller issues like typos in names, or even "due to slight changes in the matra (vowel sign) in Hindi", financial support from the government stops coming in. Of course, as is often the case with these large scale, top-down systems, there's no reasonable way of recourse. *Please hold the line. Our operators will be with you any minute now. Or maybe not.*

So now we have a centralized government vault of citizens' data, which is bad. It's already been breached, which is even worse. And it doesn't increase efficiency of service delivery but leaves the most vulnerable to suffer because the system is designed without resilience in mind. What a cluster f***.
newsletter  data  india  digital  services  governance  government  from twitter
5 days ago by thewavingcat

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