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Flipping the script: The state of the pharmacy industry
What’s driving the pharmacy business these days? Besides the usual concerns about government legislation, sales and profits, and the endless battle to find the right pharmacist to man the counter, retailers and suppliers point to a number of other trends that could — if properly developed — help pharmacy operators streamline their operations, increase efficiencies and improve the quality of patient care.
There is no doubt that retailers have their hands full with their pharmacy business, but, at the same time, many merchants are becoming more and more convinced that such things as automated robotic prescription dispensing, pharmacy counseling and medication management, immunizations, home delivery of prescription drugs, and discount prescription pharmacy cards can help them better connect with consumers.
In the end, many have said, retailers need to include many of these services and technologies if they want to stay ahead of the curve and keep their pharmacy counters relevant and profitable.
The question, of course, is what to focus on and how to implement the strategies that best work for individual chains. Finding the money to put these programs into place also is an important issue, though many industry officials emphasized that they often quickly pay for themselves by bringing in new business.
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Transcription, Captions, Translation - Rev
Online audio transcription, video captions and document translation services. For immigration, business, legal, academic and personal needs.
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Harley Haddow - multi-disciplinary building services engineering
Chris McLaren
+44 (0)7715 494959

worked on Scottish project
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Mixdown and Mastering, Audio Services, and a great blog with articles on ( electronic ) music production.
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Kickball/awesome-selfhosted: This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers.
This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers.
opensource  services  webdev 
4 days ago by sashabe
Enterprise hits and misses – recruiting tech needs a fix, vendor contract negotiations need transparency
"This week - why recruiting tech stinks, and how to fix it. Plus: contract negotiations pitfalls, and why product management is broken. Your whiffs include AI security preening and Google being Google."
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