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‪18 months as a health and care insider and the term “service redesign” still bothers me. It implies that: 1. we start from a legacy service, and 2. design is discontinuous‬. Why not just #ServiceDesign ?
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3 days ago by mattedgar
Building on , make more of these 'moments' as part of a considered , cre…
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5 days ago by olishaw
How to Put Your UX Skills to Work in Service Design?
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6 days ago by schraeds
Great team session today. What a vmix of traditions! ... Crucial Conversations,…
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8 days ago by mattedgar
Designing platforms in an age of institutionalised failure
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11 days ago by freerange_inc
Content (and context) is clearly fundamental to and . It's great that processes support the…
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12 days ago by mattedgar
The Material of Outcomes
What are outcomes made of? This talk will explore the dark matter of the outcomes of service design work.
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18 days ago by cemk
Introduction to Service Design Thinking & Doing
In this workshop - service design thinking and doing - you'll learn the fundamentals of service design (empathy, communication, facilitation, systems thinking, synthesis, future visioning, storytelling, visualization, and making), along with an overview of how service designers think and the methods and tools they use to help visualize complex systems and service experiences. You'll apply that knowledge by working as a group to complete a series of worksheets that will help prepare y...
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18 days ago by cemk
Perhaps creative non-fiction but excellent required reading for - many insights esp. on the emotiona…
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19 days ago by samin

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