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Free Online Form Builder, create HTML forms and surveys - Cognito Forms
online drag-and-drop form builder. Free and paid services. I think that the form is embedded on your site but the data goes to Cognito Forms.
web  form  builder  embed  online  service 
yesterday by piperh
3D Metals | HP® Official Site
Hrm, HP sorta doing a marketplace frontend for 3D metal printing, accepting orders before passing on to partners using HP brand metal printers
3D  printing  fabbing  service  bureau  HP 
yesterday by asteroza
Microsoft soups up Dynamics 365 with AI and HoloLens add-ons
"Microsoft soups up its Dynamics 365 business applications with packaged AI for sales, service and marketing, plus HoloLens mixed reality apps"
crm  and  customer  experience  service  management  internet  of  things  machine  intelligence  ai 
2 days ago by jonerp

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