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Contentful: Content Infrastructure for Digital Teams
Agile teams use content infrastructure to deliver content to any website, app or device. See ya, CMS.
cms  alternative  service 
5 hours ago by marshallim
Home -
We do this by providing communication and computer resources to allies engaged in struggles against capitalism and other forms of oppression.
web  email  service  freedom 
5 hours ago by marshallim
FreeDNS - Free DNS - Dynamic DNS - Static DNS subdomain and domain hosting
Free DNS Hosting, Dynamic DNS Hosting, Static DNS Hosting, subdomain and domain hosting.
free  dns  network  service 
7 hours ago by marshallim
Why customer experience is so elusive, and AI is even trickier – a chat with the implausible Esteban Kolsky
"Ever wanted to corner analyst Esteban Kolsky and ask him why he's such a grouchy, err, inspiration? Well, at Salesforce Connections, I did just that. Here's a boiled down version, focusing on the elusive problems of customer experience and AI that matters."
crm  and  customer  experience  service  management  machine  intelligence  ai 
9 hours ago by jonerp
Postmark: Transactional Email Provider with Exceptional Delivery
Trusted by thousands of developers, Postmark is a fast and reliable transactional email service. Send with Postmark to ensure your transactional emails get to the inbox on time, every time.
api  email  service 
11 hours ago by brunosabenca
Pulse SMS
Pulse is the ultimate text messenger. For Android, Web, Chrome, and many more!
android  service  sms 
12 hours ago by brunosabenca
Istio: The New Open Source Cloud Hotness | Light Reading
Istio provides "networking for microservices," Compton said. It's a layer of infrastructure between a service and the network, also known as a "service mesh."
service  mesh  itsio 
yesterday by euler
a shared example to showcase backend tech stacks
api  programming  language  web  service  build 
yesterday by sschank
Gremlin: Chaos Engineering Tools to Break Things on Purpose
Downtime is expensive and damages customer trust. Gremlin’s Failure as a Service finds weaknesses in your system before they cause problems.
service  testing  tools  chaos 
yesterday by sschank stellt nützliche Werkzeuge für Journalisten vor: Praktische Web-Dienste, Browser-Plugins, Windows- oder Mac-Programme oder interessante Internet-Seiten.
tools  journalism  tipps  online  web  service  mac  browser  howto 
yesterday by navegador | Supercharging Machine Learning
Supercharge Machine Learning
Comet lets you track code, experiments, and results on ML projects. It’s fast, simple, and free for open source projects.
cloud  machinelearning  ml  ai  service 
yesterday by gugelproductions

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