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ViewQwest’s New 4K TV box Serves as an Android Media Player and Free-to-Air TV Box
Expanding its effort beyond being an internet service provider, ViewQwest has launched its latest integrated TV box and Android media player, the VQTV5. This device lets users own a two-in-one option of consuming free-to-air channels in HD whilst at the same time, streaming 4K content through the in-built Android media player. The VQTV5 comes armed...

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ViewQwest’s  New  4K  TV  box  Serves  as  an  Android  Media  Player  and  Free-to-Air 
april 2017 by vrzone
Bill Clinton serves fried chicken to black people
As the first black president, Bill Clinton knows *every* black person likes fried chicken. As Saturday Morning Solutions, a weekly black radio show, reported, “Bill Clinton came to the hood in Louisville and LITERALLY served fried chicken to Black people.”

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bill  clinton  serves  fried  chicken  black  people 
may 2016 by inboxnews
VA Hospital serves Veterans COCKROACHES for Dinner
A plague of cockroaches has invaded and occupied a kitchen at a VA hospital in Chicago, ensuring that some roaches are being served up as food to veterans, according to a new report...

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VA  veterans  hospital  serves  cockroaches  dinner 
april 2016 by inboxnews
The family that together, stays together. I love you, JKO ❤️ [and chipper / noah]…
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