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CentOS Web Panel | Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel
Free CentOS Linux Web Hosting control panel designed for quick and easy management of (Dedicated & VPS) servers without of need to use ssh console for every little thing
server  servers  dedicated  web  control-panel  linux 
18 days ago by speckz
Let's Build a Web Server
Tutorial on building a web server! Lots of fun!
python  web  webdev  servers  webserver 
21 days ago by northwestyam
send - npm
Send is a library for streaming files from the file system as a http response
node  servers  http  express 
8 weeks ago by johnloy
memory-fs - npm
A simple in-memory filesystem. Holds data in a javascript object.
node  webpack  servers 
8 weeks ago by johnloy
My Road to Docker - Part 1: My Web Stack - Blogging to Nowhere
My road to Docker deployment on my infrastructure has been long and winding. However, I'm finally getting there, starting with my web stack.
webdev  docker  server  servers  linode  diy  self-host 
8 weeks ago by filmgirl
Trellis | WordPress LEMP Stack | Roots
Trellis is a LEMP stack for WordPress. WordPress development and production servers done right. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, PHP 7.3, Composer, WP-CLI, single command deploys, and more.
development  vagrant  wordpress  deployment  webdev  servers  server 
8 weeks ago by filmgirl
How to Home Lab: Part 1 - Proxmox VE
How to set up an expandable home lab for development and hosting - Part 1
nas  networking  diy  self-host  hosting  server  servers 
8 weeks ago by filmgirl
A cloud-based control panel for spinning up WordPress servers.
wordpress  servers  controlpanel 
8 weeks ago by mwender
sirv - npm
The optimized and lightweight middleware for serving requests to static assets
servers  node  express 
8 weeks ago by johnloy

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