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Come join me and TODAY at 4pm ET on . We're going to build a web app powered by…
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3 days ago by ak
Serverless Impacts on Business, Process and Culture
‘Sharples said the main interest stems from an enterprise love of microservices, where incremental delivery, agility and faster delivery are being embraced. “But we see adopters struggle with the operational complexity of managing and monitoring distributed systems, and that is where serverless has gotten their attention. You get the microservices benefits, but from a developer perspective it is very easy — it is just about the code. And on the ops side, serverless is a very good model for those building automated ops systems. To respond to a log event, doing that as a serverless invocation is pretty convenient.” Sharples says that in his weekly and daily chats with enterprise customers, serverless is piquing their interest.’

Microservicoed fine in dev, SRE problem now.
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3 days ago by cote
virtual-kubelet/virtual-kubelet: Virtual Kubelet is an open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation.
Virtual Kubelet is an open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation that masquerades as a kubelet for the purposes of connecting Kubernetes to other APIs. This allows the nodes to be backed by other services like ACI, AWS Fargate,, IoT Edge etc. The primary scenario for VK is enabling the extension of the Kubernetes API into serverless container platforms like ACI, Fargate, and, though we are open to others. However, it should be noted that VK is explicitly not intended to be an alternative to Kubernetes federation.
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4 days ago by rdark
.arc is a plaintext manifest for defining next generation cloud infrastructure
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5 days ago by harrylove
Trek10 | AWS Lambda Pricing in Context - A Comparison to EC2
- For most periodic or very light workloads, Lambda is dramatically less expensive than even the smallest EC2 instances.
- Focus on the memory and execution time that a typical transaction in your app will need to relate a given instance size to the break-even Lambda cost.
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5 days ago by pozorvlak
Architect, The Killer Serverless Framework – Reify
A nice overview of an npm framework for creating server-less applications on AWS. It abstracts away a lot of the plumbing, which can have upsides and downsides. I'd love to see something equivalent in python.

The actual framework is here:
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5 days ago by IanMulvany

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