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Duck DNS
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yesterday by mu-sick
What to Do If Your SQL Server Database Misses Key
If your database is missing a master key, service broker will try to access it and will throw errors in SQL Server Error log. In this article, lets learn how to verify keys in your database and how to install keys if they are missing.
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yesterday by DataNumen
Proxy traffic to web application Docker containers with nginx and Let’s Encrypt –
A while ago my colleague told me about nginx-proxy. The idea of having a seperate HTTP proxy that takes care of redirecting traffic to any of my web application containers, along with providing SSL/TLS certificates using Let’s Encrypt, without having to worry much about setup and configuration for each domain. I decided to try it out and afterwards I got it working, I decided to write about my setup so others could benefit as well.
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yesterday by rilano
NGINX Unit is a new, lightweight, open source application server built to meet the demands of today’s dynamic and distributed applications.
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2 days ago by vicchow

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