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Keeping Love Series: Index by mattmetzger
Summary: Spock's life is altered by the arrival of Ensign Kirk. Permanently - in strange, and not altogether bad, ways. ||
AOS Universe without Nero, where Spock and Kirk meet on a ship they're both assigned to and slowly develop a friendship and more, with its everyday misunderstandings and little problems. Pure WAFF.
fandom:startrek:2009  ar  pairing:kirk/spock  c:mccoy  c:captain-pike  c:oc  angst  drama  romance  bonding  pov:spock  series:keeping_love  <18.000  rating:nc-17  author:mattmetzger  first-time  estab-rel  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2011 by csad

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<18.000  angst  ar  author:mattmetzger  bonding  c:captain-pike  c:mccoy  c:oc  drama  estab-rel  fandom:startrek:2009  first-time  non-crossover  pairing:kirk/spock  pov:spock  rating:nc-17  romance  status:wip  type:fanfiction 

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