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Set in the episode where Max saves Alec when he is arrested for the murders Ben committed. When Max shares her memories of Ben with Alec, something happens and Alec is engulfed in broken memories of a past he didn't even know existed...
hurt!alec  au:ben  is  recaptured  episode:2x17  hello  goodbye  series:dark  angel  angst!joshua  au:ben  lives  episode:1x18  pollo  loco  character:joshua  angst!max  character:max  guevara/452  wordcount:1k-5k  character:alec  mcdowell/494  character:ben/493 
october 2013 by frannie_pants
The Bed We Lie In
It was the bed's fault. Or the combination of the amazingly comfortable bed and the conveniently angled television. Each of these things on their own were enough of a flame to Alec's moth, but together they spelled doom.
wordcount:5k-10k  series:dark  angel  pairing:max/alec  unfinished  story  WIP  character:max  guevara/452  character:alec  mcdowell/494  character:joshua  character:logan  cale  character:dalton  character:original  cindy  character:sketchy  character:gem  character:ramon  clemente  character:mole  awesome!logan  kittens 
october 2013 by frannie_pants
Slippery When Wet
Alec is the only one Max trusts when she goes into heat, but that doesn’t mean she has feelings for him. It doesn’t.
series:dark  angel  rating:NC-17  wordcount:1k-5k  TO.READ  pairing:max/alec  heat!max 
october 2013 by frannie_pants
Laughter in the Dark
Transgentics are publicly acknowledged and given their freedom outlined in a treaty until they discover the truth about X5s then declare it open season to hunt them down - alive or dead. Post Freak Nation. Angsty, sci-fi/future fic. Edges of dark, but IMO blurred edges. Jumps in time, spans over a century, and includes character deaths (although not the main pairing).
series:dark  angel  tag:post  series  wordcount:1k-5k  TO.READ  pairing:alec/asha  pairing:max/logan  pairing:max/alec 
october 2013 by frannie_pants
Here, Kitty, Kitty
Max wanted a simpler life. She got her wish. She reaaaally ought to have been more specific.
series:dark  angel  wordcount:1k-5k  TO.READ 
august 2013 by frannie_pants
... it was Syl who showed all the restraint in the early days – he wondered if she’d ever admit to loving him, even if she was held at gunpoint. Those old insecurities were still there, jeering at him in the back of his mind.
series:dark  angel  wordcount:1k-5k  pairing:syl/krit  TO.READ 
august 2013 by frannie_pants
A Pretty Picture
Max was Max, and for the first nine years of her life, Jondy had been in Max’s shadow, the gratuitous best friend and girl next door in the sitcom that was their life. Situation comedy; that’s exactly what his life felt like some days." (JZ)
wordcount:5k-10k  series:dark  angel  TO.READ  pairing:zack/jondy 
august 2013 by frannie_pants
The Nature of Lies
Same universe as Remember the Days with some tweaking, JondyZack, weird huh? Jondy goes to the farm trying to find which is the lie.
fic:comin'  to  get  you  series:dark  angel  wordcount:1k-5k  TO.READ 
august 2013 by frannie_pants
Remember the Days
The sequal to Comin' to Get You. Jondy and Zane travel to give Zack his memory back.
wordcount:5k-10k  fic:comin'  to  get  you  series:dark  angel  unfinished  story  TO.READ 
august 2013 by frannie_pants
Ben's Song
Prequel to Comin' to Get You. The story of Jondy and Ben...with an exploding apartment to throw into the mix.
fic:comin'  to  get  you  series:dark  angel  wordcount:1k-5k  TO.READ 
august 2013 by frannie_pants
Comin' to Get You
(MA and JZ) In case you need a refresher. Do you actually think that Zack's siblings would let him go so easily?...not a chance.
fic:comin'  to  get  you  series:dark  angel  amnesia!zack  TO.READ  pairing:max/alec  wordcount:50k-75k 
august 2013 by frannie_pants
Has Anyone Ever?
MA. When you have a past beating at your back it hurts too much to stop running. Complete with TWO endings.
series:dark  angel  TO.READ  pairing:max/alec  wordcount:25k-50k 
august 2013 by frannie_pants
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Dean and Sam are on a hunt outside of Seattle when they come across a young boy who looks remarkably like Dean. I changed the DA time line. The pulse has already hit and Alec is out of Manticore in 2009
series:supernatural  series:dark  angel  TO.READ  crossover:supernatural  &  dark  angel  WIP 
june 2013 by frannie_pants
A Pound of Flesh
An episode tag for "Two" that leads into an AU from the second half of "Some Assembly Required" : Acting under their original orders, the Steelheads known as Bird and Tuck kidnap Alec from Crash in an effort to find and regain control of Zack. By the time Max and Logan realize that Alec is in trouble, he's already been made an unwilling participant in British Eddy's organ smuggling ring. What begins as a search and rescue mission to recover a missing X5 will become a battle for survival – one that pits Alec against his own failing body and fractured mind.
series:dark  angel  TO.READ  wordcount:25k-50k 
may 2013 by frannie_pants
There was really only one way he could keep both their asses safe, he just didn't think she'd kiss him back.
series:dark  angel  TO.READ  pairing:max/alec 
may 2013 by frannie_pants
The Connection Is Still There
This story fits in with the story The Runaway . When Bobby adopted Ben, it made subtle ripples in his whole lifestyle
series:supernatural  character:bobby  singer  series:dark  angel  fic:the  runaway  wordcount:1k-5k  TO.READ  crossover:supernatural  &  dark  angel  character:ben/493 
may 2013 by frannie_pants
The Runaway
It’s 2010 and Bobby finds a young boy hiding in one of the junker cars who looks like he’s been on his own too long. He also looks very familiar.
series:supernatural  character:bobby  singer  series:dark  angel  wordcount:10k-25k  fic:the  runaway  TO.READ  crossover:supernatural  &  dark  angel  character:ben/493 
may 2013 by frannie_pants

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