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Puppy Love
The first time they see the dog is at the beach. Grace is instantly smitten but Danny’s worried – it’s got scars on its back which suggest it was badly injured in the past.

The last thing Danny needs right now are complications: there’s an international crime lord trying to take over the islands, a man who doesn’t think twice about hurting anyone who gets in his way.

Unfortunately complications are exactly what he’s about to get with the arrival of the dog’s owner - Security Consultant Commander Steve McGarrett.
h50  steve/danny  au  romance  first!time  series  angst  hurt/comfort  action/adventure  50000-79999 
20 hours ago by popkin16
A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 3 | Date Announcement (January 2019)
A Series Of Unfortunate Events is finally coming to a close - but not before ruining 2019. Watch sworn enemies Lemony Snicket and Count Olaf deliver a Very Fateful Date for ASOUE season 3.
ncpin  ncv  Movies  Series  Trailer 
3 days ago by walt74
Origin - Ep 1 "The Road Not Taken"
The passengers wake up on board the Origin, abandoned in space. They search for other survivors, but find something else entirely.
ncpin  ncv  Movies  Series  Trailer 
3 days ago by walt74
How Culture Will Make or Break Cloud Native DevOps
"“So, there’s been a massive cultural shift and to adopt agile working DevOps, but I think the bank really wants change so it’s embracing this change so it’s open to challenging new ideas,” Razzell said.

HSBC also made the cultural shift by acquiring people from outside of the banking sector “because they want to change their culture from within and they want to bring out that new ideas,” Razzell said."
culture  devops  ebook  series  article  sponsored 
4 days ago by jonerp
Kingdom | Teaser
The deceased king is resurrected and a new evil awakens in the Kingdom. The mystery begins on January 25, 2019 only on Netflix.
ncpin  ncv  Movies  Trailer  Series 
6 days ago by walt74

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