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Toronto Serial Killer Bruce McArthur Who Targeted Gay Men Pleads Guilty to Murder
For years as men began to disappear, those in Toronto’s LGBTQ community began to question if the disappearances were connected and if a serial killer was targeting the city’s gay population. “Missing” posters for the men filled city streets, but Toronto police said there was no proof of a serial killer in 2017. Given most of McArthur’s victims were South Asian and Middle Eastern men, LGBTQ activists pointed out that it took the disappearance of a white victim, Andrew Kinsman, for police to take the string of killings seriously.
by:HazelCills  from:Jezebel  geo:Toronto  SerialKiller  homophobia  race 
6 weeks ago by owenblacker
Magdalena Solís - Wikipedia
Solis thought she was an Incan goddess and demanded brutal rituals involving human sacrifice, bloodletting, and eventually vivisection be performed for her
serialkiller  cult 
june 2018 by kakkoii
If I Had a Heart
The night Daryl was born was pitch black. No star in sight, no moon, just heavy clouds threatening to pour down on them at any moment. It was also the hottest night in Georgia since 1916. Merle felt something was wrong with his baby brother.

Review: This has to be the most beautiful story I've ever had the pleasure of reading. It's so fantastically dark in a way that you so rarely see in fics these days. I absolutely adore the idea of Daryl being the unhinged on instead of Merle, because everyone plays that up in his character and I think that's what makes this so unique. It never apologises and is so raw. I absolutely love it.
fanfiction  complete  read  explicit  slash  Merle/Daryl  TheWalkingDead  dark  graphicviolence  mentalillness  serialkiller  noncon  AUcanondivergence  abuse  incest 
march 2018 by snipershezz
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november 2017 by ninthart
Every Witch Way But Up by mklutz (Original Work, f/f, 72 100 words)
Blago has plans for the summer. She s going to find her familiar so she can finally be a real, respectable witch, she s going to make heart eyes at the new vet across the street, and she s going to eat as much froyo as possible. Unfortunately for her someone is killing members of Toronto s magical community and the locals aren t giving her a choice about investigating.
fic  original  femslash  f/f  magic  mystery  serialkiller  witches  urbanfantasy  pg-13  by:mklutz  toread 
june 2017 by inna
Request: Jensen, ABO, AU Serial Killer
Every year, there are Omega runs, where an Alpha may catch themselves an Omega 'Bride'.

Jensen loves these runs, because it is a great outlet for his stress. He lets an Alpha catch him every year, but rather than allowing the Alpha to mate him, he murders them. The hosts and police believe that it is an Alpha behind the murders, even though Jensen flaunts the fact that he murdered them. After all, Omegas are docile and harmless, the poor lamb is obviously traumatized by what he saw.

Bonus you make have Jensen mated, please let it be with a Taboo Beta. (Alphas and Omegas mate, Beta obviously just Marry. Not true, it's jut what society thinks.) Jared, Misha, or Jeff knows that his mate is doing this, and is home waiting for his sweet (ha) little Omega to return home.
:spn  rps  alpha/beta/omega  au  serialkiller 
may 2017 by Mayalaen

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