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simdjson - Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second
A C++ library to see how fast we can parse JSON with complete validation.

JSON documents are everywhere on the Internet. Servers spend a lot of time parsing these documents. We want to accelerate the parsing of JSON per se using commonly available SIMD instructions as much as possible while doing full validation (including character encoding).
JSON  C  parser  performance  opensource  serialization 
13 hours ago by liqweed
Fauna | Serializability vs “Strict” Serializability: The Dirty Secret of Database Isolation Levels
For many years “serializability” was referred to as the “gold standard” of database isolation levels. It was the highest isolation level offered in the vast majority of commercial database systems (some highly widely-deployed systems could not even offer an isolation level as high as serializability). In this post, we show how serializability is not and never was a “gold standard” for database systems. In fact, strict serializability has always been the gold standard. As we will see,...
concurrency  ACID  database  faunadb  serialization 
22 hours ago by newtonapple
qmuntal/gltf: A Go package for simple, efficient, and robust serialization/deserialization of glTF 2.0
A Go package for simple, efficient, and robust serialization/deserialization of glTF 2.0 - qmuntal/gltf
golang  serialization 
yesterday by geetarista
marshmallow: simplified object serialization — marshmallow 3.0.0rc2 documentation
marshmallow is an ORM/ODM/framework-agnostic library for converting complex datatypes, such as objects, to and from native Python datatypes.
python-libraries  serialization  json 
5 weeks ago by HighCharisma
SeyZ/jsonapi-serializer: A Node.js framework agnostic library for (de)serializing your data to JSON API
A Node.js framework agnostic library for (de)serializing your data to JSON API - SeyZ/jsonapi-serializer
jsonapi  serialization  github  repo 
6 weeks ago by russmatney

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