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I’ve Interviewed 300 High Achievers About Their Morning Routines. Here’s What I’ve Learned. - The New York Times
By Benjamin Spall
Oct. 21, 2018
Experiment with your wake-up time
While the majority of the people I’ve interviewed tend to get up early — the average wake-up time for everyone I’ve talked to is 6:27 a.m. — successful people like to experiment to find the sweet spot that works for them.......Make time for whatever energizes you
Most successful people carve out time in their morning to commit to things that make them feel relaxed, energized and motivated. That can mean working out, reading, meditating or just spending time with your loved ones.....
Get enough sleep
The quality of your sleep the night before directly impacts your ability to perform the next day and, indeed, your ability to enjoy your day. Your morning routine means nothing without a good night’s sleep behind it. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and might even decrease the effectiveness of your immune system.

Don’t become complacent about how much sleep you need; most people require between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. If you’re constantly trying to get by on less than seven hours of sleep, it will catch up with you, likely sooner rather than later......Adapt your routine to different situations
While it might not always be possible to keep your full morning routine in place when you’re away from home, it is possible to have a travel-ready routine that is always there when you need it.....Don’t beat yourself up
Nearly everyone I’ve talked to said they don’t consider one, two or even three missed days of their morning routine a failure, so long as they get back to it as soon as they can.
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october 2018 by jerryking
The Serenity Reference Manual
Comprehensive Reference manual for the Serenity BDD living documentation tool
bdd  serenity 
may 2018 by lincze
"I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar" Too soon? Too soon.

Confidence is k…
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march 2018 by jeffharbert
iTunes Match: What you need to know | Macworld
iTunes Match is part of Apple’s iCloud and iTunes in the Cloud initiative (although you do not need an iCloud account to sign up, only an Apple ID associated with iTunes). For $25 a year, the service does two things: match and upload your music library to a central server, and let you download (or stream, if you’re on a computer) those items to devices you own.
2011  Macworld  iTunes  Match  Serenity  Caldwell  FAQ 
october 2017 by jmello
iTunes Match: Many Apple IDs under one iCloud | Macworld
With iTunes Match’s release on Monday, we’ve been discovering a slew of interesting tidbits about Apple’s cloud-based music service.
2011  Macworld  iTunes  Match  Serenity  Caldwell  Apple  ID 
october 2017 by jmello
RESTful API Testing Using Serenity and REST Assured - A Guide | BlazeMeter
RESTful API testing is one of the most important parts of software quality assurance. Compared to UI testing, API testing is more technical and requires an additional understanding from you of how an application works inside. In addition to that, in API tests you need to deal with JSON and XML which are used for data representation.
development  testing-functional  rest  serenity  restassured  blog  tutorial  howto 
september 2017 by jeffjensen
the art in heart.
"i walked on my feet & heard with my ears"
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august 2017 by ToasterFaerie
Domestic Disputes
Kaiba becomes a tentative ally to Yugi and the gang, but the one person they thought would accept him most easily seems to have the biggest problem. He cocked a brow. 'I'm willing to consider it foreplay.'
Azureshipping  Kaiba  Anzu  Tea  Seto  Yugi  Honda  Tristan  Joey  Shizuka  Serenity  YGO  Yu-Gi-Oh  oneshot  short  author:tectrices 
may 2017 by Red_Paladin6
In Case of Emergency
Oh no! Caught by a spiky haired psycho? Imprisoned in a playing card? Separated from your one true love? Here's the world renowned guide to staying on your feet when you've fallen in love.
WIP  YGO  Yu-Gi-Oh  Seto  Yugi  Anzu  Tea  Honda  Tristan  Joey  Jounuchi  Mai  Shizuka  Serenity  Otogi  Duke  Rebecca  Azureshipping  author:tectrices  sequel 
may 2017 by Red_Paladin6

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