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You and I could end the world in fire or blood - cruellae (tinkabelladk) - Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
In which Genesis Rhapsodos, SOLDIER Third Class, is determined to be neither impressed nor intimidated by the great General Sephiroth, SOLDIER First Class. Angeal just wants to eat his lunch in peace.
fic  ff7  genesis  sephiroth  angeal  genesis/sephiroth  A/U 
march 2019 by salinea
Children of Jenova - cruellae (tinkabelladk) - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
For five years, Sephiroth slept. In the far north, beneath a blanket of snow, cocooned in a crystalline shell, he pulled the shards of his will from the chaos of the lifestream.
And then he woke.

Work Text:
fic  sephiroth  ff7  cloud  gen 
february 2019 by salinea
Guardian - WandererRiha - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
Hojo isn’t sure he trusts Lazard to keep a teenaged Sephiroth safe on a battlefield.
Therefore, he decides to give him an assistant.
fic  ff7  sephiroth  lazard  vincent_valentine  hojo  gen 
january 2019 by salinea
Guardian - LRMatthews - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
Alone and injured, what's worse: No help or the very last person you'd ever want to see?
fic  ff7  cloud  sephiroth  gen 
january 2019 by salinea
Border of Taboo - Chapter 1 - Lilly_White - Final Fantasy 7 [Archive of Our Own]
Aeris becomes a sex worker at the Honey Bee Inn. At first, she just wants to earn enough to move up onto the plate. But the high ranking of her clients attracts the eye of Avalanche, and she's hired for a dangerous mission: to seduce Sephiroth, and extract confidential information from him that could bring ShinRa down for good.
fic  ff7  aerith  genesis  sephiroth  zack_fair  oc  aerith/sephiroth  aerith/genesis  genesis/sephiroth  aerith/sephiroth/genesis  poly  threesome  sex_work  bdsm  noncon 
december 2018 by salinea
Think About Me - Chapter 1 - supershadsy - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
Zack Fair, recently promoted SOLDIER 1st-class and casual guitarist, is put in charge of training a fresh crew of infantrymen to become the new face of SOLDIER. Among which is Cloud Strife, a quiet man from Nibelheim who decides the only way to prove to his family and peers that he's strong is to join the military. His friend, Tifa Lockhart, doesn't need to be proven, however, so she follows him to escape the barren countryside and hopefully make a living. It's hard in Midgar when being poor is the norm, and Zack's girlfriend Aerith Gainsborough knows it, working in a flower shop and collecting church donations just to scrape by--but it's not so bad when you surround yourself with people to keep you company and keep you smiling, the more the merrier.

This is a story about falling in love with your friends.

(Setting is in the mid to late 90's, hybrid modern/FF7 world) Now complete.
fic  ff7  zack_fair  cloud  tifa  aerith  sephiroth  genesis  angeal  vincent_valentine  barret  lucrecia_crescent  zack/cloud  zack/aerith  tifa/aerith  tifa/cloud  zack/aerith/tifa/cloud  genesis/sephiroth  poly  A/U  modern_au 
december 2017 by salinea
we are no heroes - hellbeast - Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
(Just because you can’t hear the planet doesn’t mean the planet can’t hear you, the woman – Ifalna – tells him, smiling gently even as Hojo and Gast hover in the background. If you call with all your heart, the planet will hear you)

The Planet and JENOVA are fighting around him, fighting through him and Sephiroth has one last thought before the Lifestream suddenly surges around him; to eject him again, back into a hell of his own creation.

I do not want to fight… any longer--
fic  ff7  sephiroth  angeal  genesis  nanaki  cloud  aerith  gen  zack_fair  time_travel 
december 2017 by salinea
Two of a kind Chapter 1: Prologue, a final fantasy vii fanfic | FanFiction
Six years old Cloud Strife was only minding his own business, but randomly getting an older brother was kind of awesome. Even if he now lived inside his head and claimed his name was Cloud Strife too. Time-travel with a twist, slow-building SephirothxAC!Cloud.
fic  ff7  cloud  sephiroth  angeal  genesis  zack_fair  cloud/sephiroth  time_travel  aerith  tifa 
december 2017 by salinea
Not so Accidental Baby Acquisition
In which Hojo makes Sephiroth's baby in a lab and somehow Cloud is there for the fallout.
I'mlaughingsohard  humor  funny  fave  FFVII  FinalFantasy  Cloud  Sephiroth  FinalFantasyAU  ficrec  AO3  author:esama 
may 2017 by Red_Paladin6
The Last Days - LifeOfRiley - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
The last days of Gast's Jenova Project, and the first days of Hojo's.
fic  ff7  gast  hojo  ifalna  gen  sephiroth 
may 2017 by salinea
Alphabet character study - Tseng - Chapter 1 - Madisuzy - Compilation of Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
For every letter in the alphabet, there will be a oneshot story about Tseng. What does he like, dislike, long for, think and dream about? What does he do at work and when at home? His past and his present. Long stories, short stories, sweet ones, sad ones, sexy ones and all of them about Tseng. Every chapter is a one shot, and can be read as a stand alone story, but the series does stick to a particular version of Tseng with the same backstory, so all are related. Mostly ignores the existence of Before Crisis.
fic  ff7  tseng  tseng/rufus  reno/tseng  tseng/sephiroth  elena/tseng  rude/tseng  veld  sephiroth  rufus_shinra  rude  elena  vincent_valentine  genesis  threesome  pwp 
may 2017 by salinea
Cloud Strife & the Order of the Chocobo
"Ah," Sephiroth said noncommittally. Zack must have ambushed Cloud just after Cloud's class ended, then. "Are you all right?"
"Brace yourself." Cloud's eyes glittered. "Winter is coming."
"It's April."
"Oh, shut up."
Everyone has different styles of teaching -- some better than others.
fave  fun  crossoverAU  HarryPotterAU  FinalFantasy  FFVII  AU  HarryPotter  crack  humor  Sephiroth  Cloud  Zack  Reno  Aerith  Tifa  Yuffie  Vincent  Barrett  Shinra  Genesis  series  AO3  author:jukeboxhound 
april 2017 by Red_Paladin6
So how'd you meet?
Cloud just let curiosity get the better of him, and he really doesn't know if it was worth almost getting stabbed with a fork.
author:Nihlyria  FinalFantasy  FFVII  Cloud  Zack  Angeal  Genesis  Sephiroth  humor  crack  AO3 
april 2017 by Red_Paladin6
Dishonorable Discharge - icynovas - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
Seeking a new career, infantryman Cloud Strife attempts to get fired from ShinRa.
fic  ff7  cloud  gen  humour  crack  lazard  tseng  reno  zack_fair  sephiroth  vincent_valentine  elena 
october 2016 by salinea
Haunted House - Chapter 1 - WandererRiha - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
A little fun with AU's.
What if Sephiroth had found Vincent on that first trip to Nibelheim?

General Sephiroth, SOLDIER 1st Class Zack, and a new recruit named Cloud visit a remote mountain community. A local legend prompts a ghost hunt with spectres that are anything but imaginary.
fic  ff7  sephiroth  vincent_valentine  zack_fair  elfe  cloud  lucrecia_crescent  hojo  scarlet  weiss  rosso  nero  azul  A/U  sephiroth/elfe  gen  noncon 
october 2016 by salinea
begin the end - Chapter 1 - dustofwarfare - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
Six years after the Deepground crisis, Sephiroth returns -- with no memory of anything that happened at Nibelheim, or afterwards. Cloud Strife, convinced it’s a trap, advocates for his old enemy's immediate execution -- but Rufus Shinra, determined to reform the image of the new Shinra Electric Company and earn the goodwill of a population tired of violence, has other ideas.
fic  ff7  cloud  sephiroth  cloud/sephiroth  wip 
july 2016 by salinea
Mysterious Circumstances - Ardwynna - Final Fantasy VII, Compilation of Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
"General Sephiroth was last seen in the basement, reading. Beyond this, not much is known." - The Midgar Times.
fic  ff7  sephiroth  zack_fair  cloud  vincent_valentine  gen  A/U 
march 2016 by salinea

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