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The Wicked Brother, or Winter in the Ironwood by Lang
99,525 words | When Loki suggested that Jotunheim shelter the Asgardian refugees, he meant to make a bit of mischief, that was all. He meant to humble a certain prideful son of Odin.

He did not expect to return to Jotunheim three hundred years later and find the realm buzzing with talk of New Asgard and its wicked king. He did not expect to have completely, inadvertently destroyed Thor's life. He certainly did not expect to be tasked with helping set that life to rights again.

// Very enjoyable read. Great Loki. Loved the kids.
thor/loki  80K+.words  kidfic  marriage-commitment  alternate.universe  separation-reunion  *4 
february 2019 by jerakeen
I could be wrong, I could be ready by Anonymous
57,343 words | At first Harry wonders if they’ve managed to destroy his vaults and are trying to tell him in the most oblique way possible. But when he turns the page he realises they’ve found a vault. A vault in the name of Lily and James Potter.

The parchment trembles a little in Harry’s hand. He takes another gulp of wine.

Harry Potter left Britain after the war and didn’t look back. Ten years later, when Gringotts discovers a vault containing his parents’ belongings—including their badly spell-damaged wedding rings—he’s forced to face up to friends and family who’ve grown in ways he could never imagine, a wizarding London rebuilt beyond his expectations, and the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the entirely unforeseen problem of Draco Malfoy.

Featuring pureblood wizarding traditions, ancestral magic, open mic nights, marriage equality, a diner in Brooklyn, and the return of Fleamont Potter.
harry/draco  futurefic  fuck.buddies  separation-reunion  50-80K.words  *4  breakup-rejection  pining  misunderstandings 
december 2018 by jerakeen
The Wolf Lord by mikkimouse
2,750 words | "You never know," Lydia said. "Perhaps the Wolf Lord will ask you to dance tonight."

Stiles scoffed. "Oh, yes, of course he will. And then he'll transform into a giant black wolf and whisk me away to his estate to live happily ever after." He rolled his eyes at the thought. "Actually, I rather hope he does ask me to dance. I can tell him how ridiculous these masquerades are."
derek/stiles  historical  separation-reunion  alternate.universe  00-05K.words  *3 
august 2018 by jerakeen
Living for the Right Now by Lissadiane
13,995 words | An unfortunate incident at a petting zoo leaves Stiles unable to keep his child safe from the hunters that have been looking for them for months. Desperate, he returns to the one place he swore never to step foot in again -- Beacon Hills. But just because Derek has managed to turn himself into a decent Alpha while he's been gone doesn't mean Stiles is willing to forgive him for everything that happened six years before.

Besides. Wererabbits, as far as he can tell, don't need Alphas anyway.
derek/stiles  futurefic  kidfic  hurt-comfort  separation-reunion  transformation  10-20K.words  *3 
august 2018 by jerakeen
A Contemporary Study of the Minor Romantic Poets
27,000 words | A college AU in which Andrew wants to date the wrong person, Jesse has a boring boyfriend, and Justin is a surprisingly good roommate.
jesse/andrew  college  angst  10000-30000  au  separation-reunion  fanfiction  rpf  social-network  via:jerakeen 
june 2018 by blue6545
Forever Can Never Be Long Enough, Or The Earl Of Epsom Takes A Husband by torakowalski
60,400 words | Regency AU. When Andrew Garfield, the new Earl of Epsom, returns from the Peninsula War to find his ancestral home mortgaged to the hilt, he must marry Jesse Eisenberg, his parents’ mysterious ward, in order to save his family from ruin.
fanfiction  rpf  social-network  jesse/andrew  marriage-commitment  jealousy-possessiveness  hurt-comfort  angst  regency  >50000  au  separation-reunion  via:jerakeen 
june 2018 by blue6545
Hold It All At Bay by psocoptera
50,000 words | The theory of extrapolative synchronization of the mirror neurons was debunked back when he was still in his teens, so Jack is reluctant to mention that he can smell Bitty's pies baking from across campus.

// I don't always find these characters interesting. This story's been exceptional in that regard for me. Very well-written characters, nice bit of worldbuilding, great soulbonding angst.
jack/bitty  bonding-mates  pining  angst  separation-reunion  hurt-comfort  30-50K.words  *4 
october 2017 by jerakeen
Same River Twice by kianspo
21,570 words | Modern royal AU. When Arthur, the Prince of Wales, was seventeen, he made a mistake that is still haunting him. Eight years later, can he finally make it right?
merlin/arthur  alternate.universe  royalty-celebrity  harlequin  separation-reunion  breakup-rejection  20-30K.words  *4 
october 2017 by jerakeen
Throw Me to the Wolves by skoosiepants
13,500 words | He feels the physical embodiment of devastated, his already too strung-out mind struggling to wall up all the hurt, the rejection—he takes a deep shuddering breath and looks down at the shredded skin on his arms, at the sluggish way they’re weakly healing.

There is nothing, nothing he wants more than to have Derek sweep in and make everything all better. He should have known, though, that something like that would never happen to him.

OR -

Stiles accidentally gets bitten, and everything goes to hell.

// Very nice angst and H/C
derek/stiles  futurefic  hurt-comfort  protectiveness  jealousy-possessiveness  transformation  10-20K.words  *4  angst  separation-reunion  breakup-rejection 
october 2017 by jerakeen
Say It Again and Mean It by ladyblahblah
34,000 words | “No, I mean.” She takes the note, flustered. “Why are you so interested in helping? You don't even know us.”

Stiles swallows heavily, searching for the slender line between a lie and a truth that he doesn't want to speak. “Because I have a soft spot for idiot teenaged werewolves,” he says finally. “It's a character flaw."
derek/stiles  futurefic  misunderstandings  separation-reunion  breakup-rejection  families.of.choice  30-50K.words  +  *3 
august 2017 by jerakeen
i have always been the storm by stilinskisparkles
25,250 words | "You’re all headed out to Oklahoma in a week.”

Derek snaps his head up, stares at him in horror, “No, boss.”

“Yes,” Finstock insists in a steely voice. “The NSSL have been on at us for a year about some decent exposure, and I think you’re just the team to do it.”

“I haven’t done weather since college,” Derek protests.

Boyd snorts again, presumably because he’s thinking back to the time when Derek and the weather last collided and he…. well, did the guy into the weather for a brief, wonderful, terribly foolish time. But, Boyd needs to shut up before Derek punches him on the nose.

// Finally reading the human AUs I always skipped. Will grumble about the lack of werewolves the whole time probably.
derek/stiles  alternate.universe  breakup-rejection  separation-reunion  pining  20-30K.words  + 
august 2017 by jerakeen
later on the road is gonna break your world in two by katsumi [Archive of Our Own]
2,960 words | There are a lot of things Steve wants to say. Like 'what the hell is this thing,' and 'why are you in this fight all by yourself,' and 'I love you, I love you, I love you.'

Instead, he says: “DIANA, LOOK OUT!” And then he dives to the side as the creature’s tail slices through the air where he once stood.

(In which instead of properly dying, Steve Trevor gets shoved back into the world of the living a hundred years after the end of the war. It's more than a little confusing.)
diana/steve  back.from.dead  00-05K.words  separation-reunion  + 
june 2017 by jerakeen
To Raise A King - Chapter 1 - riseofthefallenone - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
This must be some kind of horrible joke at Castiel’s expense. Is he truly expected to protect a King? One who has been their enemy for as long as he can remember? He is much more suited to being a part of the army, or at the very least someone who helps to train the knights. That would be far more preferred than having to watch over the King. It means Castiel would get to keep fighting – and that’s the only way he knows to give meaning to his life.
spn  dean/castiel  separation-reunion  arrangedmarriage  au  royalty/celebrity  author:riseofthefallenone  length:>100k  rating:nc-17  pregnancy  kidfic  pining  fic  archive:ao3 
july 2016 by arinan
Transfigurations by Resonant
71,280 words | Five years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts.

// Exactly as I remembered it.
harry/draco  futurefic  separation-reunion  teaching-teachers  50-80K.words  +  fuck.buddies  *5 
june 2016 by jerakeen
begin again by bleep0bleep
2,500 words | Ten years ago Derek turned down Stiles for prom. Now it's high school reunion time.
derek/stiles  alternate.universe  highschool  misunderstandings  separation-reunion  cops-criminals  00-05K.words  +  pining 
june 2016 by jerakeen
And Back Again (Where You Belong) by eidheann
16,000 words | He thought back on their previous handshakes, and smiled faintly at the fact they always seemed to mean so much more to him than they did to Potter.

// Good heartbreak; resolution not as strong
harry/draco  futurefic  separation-reunion  breakup-rejection  angst  10-20K.words  +  fuck.buddies 
may 2016 by jerakeen
Colder Weather by inlovewithnight
33,050 words | An accident ends Jamie's career, and he goes back to Canada to recover and forget. Three years later, Tyler comes looking for him.
tyler/jamie  futurefic  separation-reunion  30-50K.words  + 
march 2016 by jerakeen
Before the First Snowflake Falls (I'll Always Find My Way Back to You) by slashedsilver
5,675 words | Draco knows this thing with Potter will end. He just wants to cling on to it as long as he can.
harry/draco  misunderstandings  angst  separation-reunion  05-10K.words  *1 
march 2016 by jerakeen
Once a Fool by Yulliah
7,300 words | Harry always held the hope that Draco would come back, and now he had, just not in the way Harry would’ve imagined. Draco had clearly moved on, judging by the three year old clutched to his legs.

// Well this is unhealthy
harry/draco  mpreg  separation-reunion  kidfic  bonding-mates  05-10K.words  *1 
march 2016 by jerakeen

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