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もつれらさんのツイート: "ライダーのムック本の表紙はほぼエロ本… "
画像4枚のツイートだけど、ブックマークは1枚目のビルドのもの。 にあるように本当 "戦兎と万丈が「借金のカタに身売りされた美人姉妹が陵辱の限りを尽くされる調教モノエロゲのパッケージ」すぎて" これがもう。
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東京銭湯 - TOKYO SENTO -
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december 2016 by unknownlabel
Sento public bath
Public bath in Tokyo, opening hours and location
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october 2013 by littlemind
電話 0466-34-6282
【営業時間】 15:00~23:00
【定休日】 1日、10日、20日」
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november 2012 by karlcow
はやぶさ/ヨコハマ横恋慕(銭湯編) - YouTube
「 はやぶさ/ヨコハマ横恋慕(銭湯編)」
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july 2012 by karlcow
クラムボン Clammbon - JAPANESE MANNER - YouTube
「クラムボン Clammbon - JAPANESE MANNER」

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july 2012 by karlcow
A dying art? Work dries up for painters of Tokyo bath-house murals | World news | The Guardian
<p>But despite a history stretching back 100 years, sento murals are at risk of dying out along with the tradition of hadaka no tsukiai, or naked friendship, as more urban Japanese choose to bathe at home. At their peak in the late 1960s, there were more than 2,500 sento in Tokyo; now there are fewer than 1,000.</p>
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august 2011 by karlcow

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