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Observations on Radically Rural | Keene Sentinel
In the Energy track we heard about new ways to make new things happen. The new ways include listening.
There’s a town near Keene by the name of Westmoreland that’s long had spotty electrical service. Eversource (the power provider) had considered building a second transmission line into town to address the problem. But before doing that its people sat down with local people and came up with a very modern and less disruptive alternative: battery storage. More costly in the short run, true, but better over the long haul.
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19 days ago by eversourcenh
Tree causes outage in Swanzey | Keene Sentinel
A tree pulled down wires on Route 32 between Goodell Avenue and Blake Road Sunday night, leaving more than 500 customers without power for several hours Sunday evening.
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20 days ago by eversourcenh
Eversource | Radically Rural 2019 |
Eversource is focused on innovative solutions that lower costs for customers, improve reliability and advance clean energy in New Hampshire. As part of those efforts, the energy company has proposed the Westmoreland Clean Innovation Project, a portfolio of clean energy applications that will reduce the frequency and duration of power outages in the town, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep the Monadnock Region on the cutting edge of the state’s clean energy future.
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5 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Panel focused on city push to renewable energy | Keene Sentinel
Nine months ago, area residents, business owners, students and volunteers packed into a room at Keene City Hall to urge councilors to take climate change seriously.
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6 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Thankfully, town cleared utility's mess, by Laura Thompson | Keene Sentinel
This is a letter of thanks to Margaret Sharra, and the town of Winchester Public Works Department for their quick and friendly response to a horrific mess left in my gladioli beds on my front lawn by the employees of Eversource.
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7 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Wednesday storm downs trees, causes power outages in region |
A strong, swift storm system moving up the Atlantic coast moved into the region late Wednesday afternoon, prompting flash flood warnings.
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10 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Storms down trees, power lines in area | Local News |
Storms from the south settled over a few towns in the region Tuesday, bringing down trees and power lines in their wake.
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11 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Storm hits handful of area communities especially hard |
Bursts of heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning caused scattered power outages in the Monadnock Region Saturday, but ultimately did little damage.
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july 2019 by eversourcenh
Separate outages affect electric customers in three area communities Friday |
Two vehicle crashes involving utility poles caused outages in town Friday morning, according to an Eversource spokeswoman.
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july 2019 by eversourcenh
Override needed on net-metering cap, George S. Hansel | Letters To The Editor |
Earlier this month, Gov. Sununu vetoed legislation that would raise the net metering cap from 1 megawatt to 5 megawatts in New Hampshire. If not overridden by the Legislature, this will prevent cities and towns across the state from pursuing their renewable energy goals. It will also limit opportunities for local elected officials to use creative solutions, like solar power generation, to combat rising costs and save taxpayer dollars.
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june 2019 by eversourcenh
Energy choice is about the future we want, by Thomas Webler | Letters To The Editor |
Dr. Fred Ward is right. Solar panels cannot generate electricity 24 hours a day, while nuclear power plants can. He’s also right that nuclear power plants make a lot of electricity on a little piece of land, while we would need to use more land to generate electricity with solar.
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june 2019 by eversourcenh
Urge override of net-metering veto, by Chris Balch | Letters To The Editor |
For the second time, Gov. Sununu has vetoed a bill that would have expanded net-metered energy production in New Hampshire from 1 megawatt to 5 MWs. This veto hurts New Hampshire for these reasons:
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june 2019 by eversourcenh
Pole knocked down, power knocked out in Gilsum | Local News |
A truck pulled down wires on Route 10 Monday afternoon, resulting in a road closure and power outage affecting hundreds of customers, according to Eversource.
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june 2019 by eversourcenh
Solar plan benefits others at our cost, by Deborah S. Hutchings | Letters To The Editor |
Your article about proposed utility-scale solar arrays in the region (“Total Eclipse,” May 18-19) describe a proposed solar array in Fitzwilliam that will be built on “mostly forested” land and cover “about 111 acres.” The electricity will “help electric utilities in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island meet state-set goals for clean energy.”
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may 2019 by eversourcenh
Eversource plans $7 million battery project in Westmoreland | Local News |
Eversource on Tuesday announced plans to build a large-scale battery in town, with the goal of reducing outages and lowering fossil-fuel use at times of peak demand.
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may 2019 by eversourcenh
New technology, falling prices mean a green Keene is doable | Op-ed |
Keene has long been a leader in responding to the threats of climate change. Now, to reduce greenhouse gasses, the City Council has set a goal that, by 2050, all energy used in Keene come from solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal or hydropower sources. This excludes all fossil fuels.
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may 2019 by eversourcenh
Renewables aren't reliable enough to generate that much power | Op-ed |
Global warming and 100 percent renewable energy have been inextricably linked by the media, with the latter proposed as a solution for the former. Here’s why 100 percent green cannot be a solution for Keene.
SentinelSource  op-ed  renewableenergy  goal 
may 2019 by eversourcenh
Live wires temporarily confine man to truck after Swanzey crash | Local News |
A Swanzey man was trapped under live wires in a pickup truck Thursday morning after crashing into a utility pole that snapped in half and fell on his vehicle, police said.
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may 2019 by eversourcenh
Driver arrested after crash in Swanzey causes power outage | Local News |
A West Swanzey man was arrested Friday after crashing his vehicle into a utility pole, according to police.
SentinelSource  crash  poledamage  outages 
may 2019 by eversourcenh
Second Radically Rural summit to feature clean energy programming | Economy |
The second annual Radically Rural summit this fall will feature a new program track focused on renewable energy initiatives and opportunities.
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may 2019 by eversourcenh

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