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Aspect and Sentiment Unification Model for Online Review Analysis
Yohan Jo
Department of Computer Science
Daejeon, Korea
Alice Oh
Department of Computer Science
Daejeon, Korea
LDA  sentimentanalysis 
10 days ago by hustwj
她:我没生气 求问 AI:她现在生没生气?

竹间智能 Emotibot,致力于打造中国首款情感机器人
sentimentanalysis  chatbot 
11 days ago by hustwj
A script that creates train, valid and test datasets for the ranking task from Ubuntu corpus dialogs.
data  sentimentanalysis 
6 weeks ago by iandow
[1705.06369] Decoding Sentiment from Distributed Representations of Sentences
Distributed representations of sentences have been developed recently to represent their meaning as real-valued vectors. However, it is not clear how much information such representations retain about the polarity of sentences. To study this question, we decode sentiment from sentence representations learned with different architectures (sensitive to the order of words, the order of sentences, or none) in 9 typologically diverse languages. Sentiment results from the (recursive) composition of lexical items and grammatical strategies such as negation and concession. The results are manifold: we show that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' representation architecture outperforming the others across the board. Rather, the top-ranking architectures depend on the language at hand. Moreover, we find that in several cases the additive composition model based on skip-gram word vectors may surpass state-of-art architectures such as bi-directional LSTMs. Finally, we provide a possible explanation of the observed variation based on the type of negative constructions in each language.
deeplearning  nlp  sentimentanalysis 
7 weeks ago by hustwj
How users interact with facebook pages of political parties
How users interact with facebook pages of political parties
sentimentanalysis  dj  fb  politics  s 
10 weeks ago by paulbradshaw

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