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Outcome of unduly lenient sentence referrals - GOV.UK
Please note that as reporting restrictions exist in a number of these cases, names of all offenders have been truncated to only include offenders’ initials. Members of the public can still search for specific cases by knowing the offence, court of sentence and original sentence.
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The Manafort Sentence Reveals a Broken Justice System - The Atlantic
“Blaming the injustice on a single judge, like Ellis, is an oversimplified evasion of the problem.”
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The Effects of Holistic Defense on Criminal Justice Outcomes | HLR
This Article offers the first large-scale, rigorous evaluation of the impact of holistic defense on criminal justice outcomes. In the Bronx, New York City, a holistic defense provider (the Bronx Defenders) and a traditional defender (the Legal Aid Society) operate side-by-side within the same court system, with case assignment determined quasi-randomly based on court shift timing. Using administrative data covering over half a million cases and a quasi-experimental research design, we estimate the causal effect of holistic defense on case outcomes and future offending. Holistic defense does not affect conviction rates, but it reduces the likelihood of a custodial sentence by 16% and expected sentence length by 24%. Over the ten-year study period, holistic defense in the Bronx resulted in nearly 1.1 million fewer days of custodial punishment. Holistic defense has neither a positive nor an adverse effect on criminal justice contacts one year postarraignment and beyond.
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